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I'm with you Ribka. I was in Canada during 9/11 hunting geese in Alberta. I thought we'd have a hard time getting back into the USA but you guys were sensible and very professional.
I sent you a pm on an issue.

Mike, nice report and I enjoyed those photos.


B.O.H.I.C.A. bend over here it comes again
Kamploops is awesome!
B.C. girls are good lookin!
Border patrol has to be one of the worst jobs ever, especially patroling the desert in Arizona and TX.
I got denied entrance into Canada one time for trying to smuggle in a Russian citizen. We were laughing and the Canadian immigration official told us "whether or not you take this seriously the gov't of Canada does" It was hilarious


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First of all my sincere aplogies to Mike who origianlly posted reagarding BC fishing. Nice pics and report. Sorry to prolong the highjack. WFF is a fishing site. Just po's me when people on here use it for smarmy political remarks

Alpine trout:
More ill-informed info. I was there-not true. The target wa snot LAX. I assume that you are not involved in our nation's security or armed forces. (Do not not no why but progressives tend to abhor this area of service.)

Smoke a blunt-chill, loosen up your birkenstocks., turn on NPR, break out the patchouli oil
I have over 25 years in military/ law enforcement. A good deal was overseas in many foreign countries. And I even speak a few foreign languages.

Seeing and experiencing events realtime I see the media has its own agenda. Both right and left wing. I know people of your ilk would love an open borders policy. Again you progressive types have absolutely no clue what is happening in the world be it on our borders or abroad. Most of the time reality is not reflected in the media. Examine the MJ funeral the past week.

On a side note my fishing buddy is a bigtime progressive Dem. I like nothing better than on a road trip to play Rush or Savage on AM talk on the car radio and to look over when I am driving and see the pained expression on liberal friend's face. AHHH it's the little things in life that make me happy
I like nothing better than on a road trip to play Rush .............................................

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh nothing like crusing on the hiway and listening to a oxy doper .:rofl:


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I have lot more respect in our current culture for a self-made man with a disability ( he is legally deaf and gives millions to charity) than our current president and his wife who had to rely on affirmative action programs ( because they both lacked intellect and skilll sets) to gain their current positions. And they both complain about life in the US. Weird times now in our culture. As mentioned look at the recent MJ tribute. Crazy. James Brown, Hendrix, Duke Ellington, Charlie Parker,Al Green etc blow away MJ in talent and music

Last time I checked Rush is not subsidized with milllions of dollars of tax payer funds like NPR. BTW I have been a listener to NPR for over 30 years. and enjoy it too- sometimes


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Yep, this thread has been hijacked. Nothing I can do about that. In response to the other comments:

Thanks for the good words on the photos.

Flykid21, if you guys had the collapsed black and red tent, I saw that, hope everything worked out OK.

I heard that bears were an issue in the area. One fellow told me that he a heard/found a small black bear rummaging in his boat when he while he was napping in his tent.

Tony are you the fellow with the cedar strip yacht tender? If so, nice boat, I am jealous.

Tomorrow I’m heading up to Little Fort and Wells Grey area for a week of camping/fishing/exploring. I’m trying out some new water and I promise to post a report…. and not dare mention how long it takes me to get through the border crossing.
That's too bad they cut down a bunch of trees up there. I remember hearing from a local they were planning on taking some down, but it looks like they took a lot more than he was explaining. Probably doesn't help the afternoon wind situation at all. Still, awesome, lake. One of my favorites up there.