Cutts Island

Well the wind is down rain is gone tides are light. was able to jig (not this forum) but caight a 9lb Blackmouth in front of fuel depot, and numorous others in the 1-3lb range. had freind couldnt fly fish with him in boat but might have been my best chance to get fly down that deep. but he was saying to close to him. dang. nice fish, biggest blackmouth I ever caught.

well heres my Questin my first area was going to was cutts Island went to kopachuck state park,(BIG TIMBER) No boat launch. got told of one down the street in horsehead bay. went there was a nice ramp but no place to park your trailer couldnt believe it. must be for locals. but where is a launch close to there. is Joemma park across the inlet and does it have a launch. any info on area would be great. Beutiful area to wet a line. Ben

The public launch at Horsehead bay is the closest to Cutts Island. Its a pretty nice ramp with a nifty "turn around" but, like you said, parking is at a premium. Residents here get REALLY touchy about trespassing, so you've got to stay off their property even if you just want to turn around. Parking for this ramp is at the top of the hill and around the corner on the side of the road which makes for a pretty intense uphill hike after a day on the water to get your vehicle.

A couple of other options for launching relatively close to Cutts Island that you may want to keep in mind for the future include:

1. The public launch and Purdy (just across the bridge and on the left.) Fairly narrow and parking is really a challenge unless you park along the spit in which case it can get pretty hairy trying to back the rig up against the oncoming traffic from the Key Peninsula.

2. The public launch at the end of the Fox Island Bridge near the Fox Island side. Ramp is in really poor shape, but there's parking available for about 6 to 8 trailers.

3. There's also a public launch at the end of 10st NW in Gig Harbor. Parking available for maybe 6 trailers and not too many folks take advantage of this one. I use either this one or the one at Horsehead Bay when the ramp in Gig Harbor is too packed to park.

There are several launches on the Key Peninsula as well. Here's a link to all public boat launches in WA put out by the Interagency for Outdoor Recreation. When you click on the location a description and directions will pop up for you:
greg thanks again. yeah that purdy launch intimidates me. so I'll just do horsehead bay. but that island sure looks sweet thou. bet there is some good sized flounder around that area too, considering the access. Ben