monthly photo thread (?)

Leroy Laviolet

Aint no nookie like chinookie
Took this last night- Shell was bigger than a dinner plate, and he was quick as hell when he decided my close up was a little too close !!

Maybe he could get a gig with the group" nine inch nails "...

Ed Call

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Recently I saw a photo from one of my pals. I have seen this one before but had not noticed something in the frame...

Today it hit me. He is showing his appreciation to his friend Mumbles...take another look...he even shows that I can catch an occasional fish

Now that I think about it, I've seen these appreciative displays at various places in my travels. Nice to know that I'm making a difference!
If you look very closely, you will observe this fish has come unhooked and was ultimately lost due to too much slack in the line as a result of failure to mend properly.

Chris Scoones

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Picked up a new camera before the trip. Canon 7d and paired it with a 24-105L. Still getting used to it but am pleased so far. The lens is really for general purpose but frequently I was wishing for a wider angle. In the park of course it wanting some 800 for wildlife but I don't need that too often. Of the following photos I've touched the one with my daughter trying to figure out the best way to reel in the fish, and only slightly for tone. All have a UV filter, the first three have a polarizer.