Where Oh Where

I am new to this sport and especially to this area for fly fishing and no experience at all with salt water fly fishing...Face it, I am still in diapers when it comes to this.

I live in the Tacoma area and while I don't want any secret areas, there are some beaches, I would like some advice as to what may be productive for me. I can get to the Narrows Park, Point Defiance, and those areas. What might I expect to find if I can actually get my cast to go far enough to actually be within range of a fish.

I have learned alot from reading these forums, just don't seem to be able to find time to put it into practice and I have to change that! Appreciate all the advice that I see published here.


MA-9 Beach Stalker
You should fish Narrows Park or Brown's Point (also Dash Point) early every morning from now through September. Watch the guys catching fish and talk to them about flies and tactics.

Good Luck!
I'll be at Dash Pt. "instructing" if you want to call it that, on Wednesday, July 15 around 8:00 A.M. That's 4 hours aof incoming tide if you want to try it out. The fish probably aren't here yet but I'll be there anyway with a newbie to south beaches.
Appreciate the offer, I am going to try to make it up there, dependant on how the dental appointment goes on Tue. and if I haveto return Wed. Chipped a tooth...hate going to dentist when I could be fishing, but getting it fixed is better than alternative..