Anyone making/selling furled leaders?

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I hear what you are saying, and I will be checking them out with a critical eye. What I'm hoping - and I think it seems reasonable - is that he is just accepting smaller profit margins. Keeping in mind that the materials in these things cost less than a dollar - even at $6 he is doing better than most manufactures.

We'll see.

I'm curious about spey furled leaders. I generally put on 10ft poly leaders when using a compact scandi.

How much tippet would a 10' furled leader turn over when a size 4-8 fly is on the end? My experience with single handed rods and furled leaders is that they can turn over longer than usual tippets. However, I've never tried to turn over flies larger than size 10.

Maybe a furled leader of 7' can turn over 7' of tippet and a size 4-8 fly? Or perhaps that is a little extreme? However, I don't know what the limits would be. Anyone know?
Awesome! Not saying the product isn't good, but at $6 per leader when everyone else's are so much more, it makes one wonder why . . . ?
they take about 5 minutes if your slow and .50 cents to make, I'd say $6 is a reasonable price with out middle men to up the price.

I did get a 10' 6/7wt spey leader from that stinkdog leaders guy - along with several others. Unfortunately I have not had a chance to really put the spey leader through the paces so I can't give you a full report on that, yet. The other furled leaders work great - they really help with turnover so I see no reason that the spey leader will not work great too.

Only two drawbacks that I can see (and they could be significant).
1) The larger diameter of the leader will slow the sink rate (or speed the ascent) of your fly in moving water. I plan to have some made with fluorocarbon to help offset this.
2) These leaders lay out straight - this is good most times, but it can be a problem when fishing dries if you want some extra slack in the leader to get a longer drag free drift. I guess it could be remedied by adding more tippet in those circumstances.

Overall - A furled leader will really help your casting, especially in the wind, or if you are having trouble getting your leader/fly to turn over nicely.

let me know what you think... for all who are still curious... I am running a special right now on ebay... BOGO... check out the site... and click on 'order'... it will direct you to the ebay product.

I am curious to know what everyone thinks of my furled leaders. I am getting ready to leave for a 7 day trip in CA next wednesday.

if anyone is interested in spey leaders... please contact me via the website and we can make exactly what you are looking for.

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