Mike Kinney Two-Handed School


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Casting and Fishing the Two-Handed Rod
with Mike Kinney, Sept. 10 and 12

Orvis Bellevue presents a very special limited two-day steelhead school with Mike Kinney, who many consider one of our finest steelhead flyfishers and certainly, one of the best two-handed instructors of our time.

Let's say you can cast a two-hander reasonably well but could use some casting tips. But how about delivering the fly? Do you set your casts up with aerial mends to present your fly correctly? What do you do when your fly is in the water? Do you make a big sweeping upstream mend and then simply stand there with your rod hanging limp at your side and pointing downstream? Can you make a cast that gets the fly fishing as soon as it lands? These and other questions will be answered both in the class and on the water by the Jedi Master himself.

This special class is limited to four people only and will cost $260 per person.

Leland Miyawaki
Orvis Bellevue