Swap Face to Face salt water patterns

Sorry guys, I have to bail also. I just got the word we will be leaving for vacation early and I won't be able to make it. "The Boss" is pretty liberal with me about my hobbies and trips so I can't piss her off on this one. Hope you guys slay them.


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Dang Kelvin!
You come up with some nice looking patterns..

However due to the impending date of the meet I am not tying the popper
I am doing marine worms in your chose one of three delicious favors
grape lemon or orange

Cynthia is tying up a pattern based on the Brook's Blonde
called the Puget Prada Blonde
nice looking pattern for a first time tier

Ed Call

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Nothing goes better with Prada Blondes than Orange Wurms. I'm doing either a popper in a non-standard color scheme or a little baitfish pattern that I recently witnessed on some line stretching action.
Nice looking flies! I am thinking about a pink over white tube clouser. I figured it would be nice to use right out of the box and might actually catch something that day???

Ed Call

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I'm undecided on my pattern, it is down to two different candidates. Both are flies that I've used as tied or close variations. Either should be able to be used right out of the box if you are bold enough to tie them to your tippet.