Golden Trout

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I post lake names at times because I want to see if somone is dumb enough to try and get there. Edd's isn't the hike back out I want (just to get back on the trail). Glacier is about the same way. The old way to Spectacle was about 10 miles one way, Glacier is about another 1 1/2 miles further back by trail. I've heard the trail to Spectacle has now been re-routed and is about 14 miles just to Spectacle.

Got some other killer trips and it's only the hike that's the killer.

Any lake worth fishing is either on private property, a long drive, or a nasty hike to get to.


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Kerry. Why click on a thread entitled golden trout if you don't care about the fish, their origin or the lakes they inhabit? Just looking to spread your misery to us small alpine trout fishers, huh? FYI: if you don't send me unsolicited personal messages that you would otherwise be too embarrassed to post then you have no need to worry about my netiquette, right? :rofl:
There may be other reasons I read certain threads besides a personal interest in the topic. Someone may have asked me to read it. At any rate the reason I read this thread really isn't important. It isn't about me, it is about you. Take some simple advice and don't post up personal messages without the other player's permission.
Never mind, I found the answer myself. Allison, I sure as hell hope you do not represent the entire organization. That is a pretty crappy outlook to post publicly to an audience that is funding you. Especially since the majority of that funding comes from people who could give 2 shits if 95% of those lakes are stocked.
A lot of fuss over non-naitive, planted fish. Here is some advice, always take your rod when you know you are going to hike into an alpine lake. Most all of them have fish in them, some with some nice surprises. Part of the fun is not knowing what you will find when you get there. I have found goldens in multiple lakes in the Cascades, if you are into trying to catch one, it's more rewarding to find them with your own exploration anyway. There are so many amazing spots up in our mountains - go explore!


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The only positive thing about this thread at this point is Allison getting some suitors for marriage. Every barren lake is eventually stocked by some intrepid trail blazer ;).

By the way, I spotted lots of "Golden Trout" at Central Market this weekend in the fish section. They were easy to get to but looked kinda yucky.
There are some native goldens in a few of the high moutain lakes in colorado, but they take some serious backpacking to get into (10-15 miles, one way).