Kitsap Beach Outing 8/18 am

Ed Call

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Mike, glad you got out with the Kitsap Gang. Lakes are too hot. Keep giving the beach a go. Follow the great advice you've gotten in how to fish the tides and you'll be beaching lots of fish soon. It is still a tad early, reports say the big silvers are inbound. Rob, when do you go back to work? Available Friday? I'm pondering getting out.
It was nice meeting a few folks even if work required that I show up late and leave early. Only saw one silver jump. Heck of a lot of salad in the water, too. Thanks to Mr. Smartie for organizing the get-together.
The only fish I saw brought to hand was Greg's out at the tip of the point. Glad his ferry ride resulted in touching some scales.

I did, unintentionally, floss a crab to hand. One more species checked off the list.

And then I caught a wicked sunburn.

Great day.
I am sad that I missed this - Even if it was just casting practice - Work tied me down today.

For what it's worth - I am headed from Seattle to PA Saturday morning. I will be fishing PNP that morning for sure. I would be glad to meet up with anybody else who is interested in trying to catch an early run coho. I'm an early bird so I will be there by 5:30, fishing until about 9:00. I'll be the guy with the LL BEAN stripping basket with recently epoxied, formerly self drilled, drain holes. If you see me please swing by and say hi.

Good fishing to all.


"Chasing Riseforms"
Nofishlarry here! Sorry I may not have gotten to meet everyone. I was the fool out in the pontoon boat. Thought I would give it a try once, but think I'll stick to the beach wading. Much more of a pleasure for me. Of course I might have changed my mind if I would have hooked up. Too bad there didn't seem to be any fish around. I pounded the beach with no success after the tide turned. It was nice to meet a few guys and good to see you again Jason. Let's fish.
Man, I'm bummed I had to miss this, but my fiance and I decided to call it quits over the weekend, and there was just too much going on for me to get out. Trying to find a place to live short notice is a pain! Sounds like everyone had a good time. Hopefully we can do something like this again.



"Chasing Riseforms"
Anyone happen to find a rectangular net at the beach or boat launch that day? I lost mine there I believe. It's like a large trout net that I had hooked to my pontoon boat. Big enough to hold a 4-5 lb fish. Thanks!