Month 3 in the Bush


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So 3 months without a shower, living in a tent, crazy insects, and working untill 4am every night so I could fish all day yielded some results, I figure I'd share them with you.

The Place, a super secerate flow in the Bristol Bay Drainage, my job was to sit in the tower and count fish as they go by for 8 hours a day, we use very simple statistics to figure out the total run size (count each bank for 10 minutes an hour than multiply by 6). We also use a beach seine to sample age and length which is then used to forecast future runs.

here's the office

veiw from the tents

thunder head and the moon

looking at the braids from red bluff

the mermaid counter and a forbidding sky

a sunset

more sunset

little buddy


RB tower

Launching the boat after sampling

Rolling into the sunset


Proud to Be Alaskan
Next up: The People

The people is what makes this job special (besides the fish) midway through the season one of my crew quit (I'm the crew leader) because he couldn't hack the job, so they sent in some awesome replacements, S came in for a few days to help sample and C helped pack up camp
Here we are C, S, Me and L

L is not impressed by my photography skills

L pretty cold and annoyed

R (my boss) driving home from hansen's

Me and L hiding from the thunder storm

Holy Shit its Hailing

L enjoying the weather

Time to go swimming, our way of getting the stink off, L still told me I smelled horrible at least 10 times a day, she was probably right, but I had to keep her from taking advantage of me :rofl:

Climbing the bluff

S Skipping ROcks

Us with fish from the beach seine

L fly fishing for the first time ever (then I taught her to spey cast, so much easier to teach)


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When you live in the middle of nowhere you like to eat well, they (the state) pay for our food while we are in the field but the selection is very limited so we do the best with what we have, and eat a lot of garlic (it keeps the bugs away)
Solsitice weiner roast

western bacon cheese on homemade bread with fries


Pizza two


filleting homepack

L made this sweet cake for our "we're leaving party"


Proud to Be Alaskan
Now the moment you've all been waiting for, the fish pictures, the fishing this year was pretty outstanding, I had to work hard to avoid the all the guides that ply the river pimping out the resource but I threaded some needles with the boat and found some sweet spots. The typical day I'd fish wooly buggers a bit on the single hander to warm up, then I'd throw the rainshadow switch 5 wt that I built for this river with a mouse, and twitched and skated the rodent all over the place and brought up about a dozen fish a day. Most fish were 16-20 inches but I did manage to leader a 28" fish which obliderated this mouse fly the first night we went fishing. That first night was amazing, I will remember a few events in my life forever, my first kiss, my first chinook, and the first time I fished to a huge rising trout in a crazy log jam, matched the hatch fucked up the drift about 10 times then finally made the cast and the mend and the fish rose and ate. A recent book about guiding on this river described the dry fly fishing as teenage sex, shaky and uncertain but insanely awesome when it happens. I dreamed about this situation for years, I'd lay in bed thinking about it, it kept me up at night and then it happened. On a number 10 green wulf in a weird log jam that I only stopped at because I took the wrong turn and ran into a gravel bar.

ANyway here's the fish
the first one that came up to eat

And the big one

Here's a rainbow from the Naknek river which came up for a bomber notice how bright it is, these fish are basically steelhead in that they live in a massive lake most of the time then they come out in the fall and overwinter in the river spawning in the spring then returning to the lake. I got to fish with a buddy of mine who was working on the tower there, it was really cool to fish with him even though the fishing was slow I caught a couple dinks and reaffirmed my buddies belief that I am some sort of fish whisperer (I'm not, but I play one on the interweb)

I caught 3 lake trout which was weird because we were 50 miles from any lake, they were all small and skinny, but they were my first lakers on a fly rod so I'll take them, also they are incredibly gorgeous fish

I caught 3 salmon on rod and reel the whole time which is good, I don't like salmon fishing that much especially for reds, but I couldn't resist swinging for some chums I ended up catching this nice little blackmouth

then this rainbow

Finally got my yummy chummy

also got a nice chum on the 2 hander, that was cool

L caught her first rainbow trout ever, I seem to get a lot of folks into their first rainbow its exciting

I of course caught a lot of rainbows here's some examples
Skinny and long

Ready to go

The swing is the thing

Mykiss and mice

just another cookie cutter

tough job


a few of our samples
L is in love

all and all a pretty good summer

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#12 here's all the people and then a photo essay on L and no one else mentioned (not that I mind).

What's the scoop eh? ::clown::

Love the pics, enjoy it while you can.