anybody fishing pass?

Holding up surprisingly well considering recent weather. From what I've seen, surface temp peaked at 72 last week and was at 69 as of Monday. Plenty of cold air and mist has been blowing across from the salt over the past week. Numbers have been exceptional for mid summer/hot weather conditions so I'm guessing the lower layers have stayed pretty comfortable. And overall they're still coming up w/ good energy...some of the bigger ones are slowing down but I haven't seen any looking tired or sickly. But definitely get 'em up and release asap. That could change any time so if they start acting perchlike I'd just quit or maybe try it overnight.

They're hitting all hours but 2-6pm gets pretty skinny, so if you're there early for evening be patient and wait 'em'll turn on like a light (it'll probably turn off that way too, just before dark). Location is changing almost daily so just get out and look for them...draw one strike and you should be set for the night. Most recently I've had lots along outer shoals at maybe 8ft, and also in tight where there's a lot of shade. Sinking line, streamer ripped med-fast is still doing it (long strips).

Browns are there but running about 1/10 vs rainbows.

Should be good tonight...I'd be there but I'm outa state. Have fun/report back! :beer2:


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Didn't fish Pass, but drove by last weekend out to Whibey. Nice day out and I only saw one car in the parking lot, so you'll probably have the lake to yourself:thumb:


Was up there last night (Thursday) until 10pm (water temp at 71 with cloudy conditions). I was having pretty regular action from 4pm on. Again, the most productive method was stripping slow and deep; didn't really matter where. The fish were, for the most part, pretty lethargic. I didn't have to handle them at all. Grab the fly, slight upward turn and they're off. I did lose one HUGE fish along side the highway just off the launch. Was on for a minute or so but shook me clean. Probably a big 'ol brown. I haven't felt one that large in a long time. I just wasn't make any headway while it was thrashing around. BTW, first three fish were taken on micro-leech under an indicator. After reading the blogs on this method, I had to tie and try...

I was the only one on the lake for a couple of hours; a few others began showing up for the evening bite around 6:30/7pm. The fish are still working, just a little bit lazier than when it's cooler. Be kind to them, please!