Do people still deer hunt with 30/30s


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I have been thinking about picking up a Marlin 336 30/30. Anybody have any advice on this gun or the 30/30 round. Thanks Jason
I know they are used alot back east in the close range timbered areas. Good round and readily available. Sometimes you can buy them in the gas stations:eek:!

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A 30/30 is more than enough gun for close-in shooting at deer, especially in western Washington. If you are hunting in more open country where you might need to shoot 200+ yards I suggest something like a .243 or 6 mm. A .270 is another good choice. If you buy a 30/06 you can hunt anything, anywhere in the State including deer, bear, elk, and moose. IMO, the 30.06 is a great firearm for it's knock down power plus it's always easy to find a wide variety of ammo. If it's raining during your deer hunt you want to drop the animal in it's tracks so you don't risk losing it if it runs a ways away before dying. I've shot deer with .243, .270, and 30/06 at ranges out to 300 yards. Shot a moose with the 30/06 at 300 yards and antelope at 250 yards with the .270. They all dropped in their tracks. I think the 30/06 is the best big game rifle.

I don't know if this helps.

Good luck on the deer hunts.

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they now make special soft tip 30/30 rounds that are said to double the accuracy, but thats kind of like lifting your corvette for rock crawling, and a dude that lifts his vet for rock crawling is dumb enough to screw his sister.:thumb:
:ray1:if your just going to be busting brush or strictly close up shots a 30/30 is fine, but your screwed when you spot that 5x5 in a clearing 300 yards away when your heading back to the truck (never fails). listen to karl and the powder monkey, 3006 is the best all around gun money can buy.
I love the "Dirty 30".As sated great for the thick stuff and close quaters..Nothing beat a scopeless Winchester Mdl 94 with some 170 grainers..If it wasnt for magnum hype the 30/30 would be all anyone needed


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the only problem with it would be your choice on manufacture! i dont know anyone who has had luck with marlin firearms. i like an 30-06 cuz of its knock down power and capability to shoot 300+ yards. but i know lots of guys that use 30/30's for deer in heavily wooded areas, and there fun target rifles as well :D
earlier post hit it on the in the east...30/30 is an old standby. Reliable...gets the job done. I don't know of too many places where you can take a 300 yard shot at a 5x5 out here.
I had a 32 Marlin that I used when I was a kid in Southern Oregon.
I bought a 700 Remington in 30-06 and never used the 32 again.
I gave the 32 to my son and he kills a deer with it every year in Southern Oregon.
I have a buddy that likes his 30-30 model 94.
The morning he missed a nice buck at 200 yards and I shot it with the 30-06. He bought a 308 shortly after that.
30-30 is a damn good round and will do the job. I would not make shots over 100 yards but it's do able.
My dad had a 35 Marlin and it was a good gun also.
Marlin makes good guns, so does Remington. My .02
My grandfather and uncle have had good luck with the Winchester Model 1894. With the topside ejection, you can't mount a scope (at least not easily), but with it's range, that may not be a problem for you. It's a great brush rifle, and seems to be more reliable than the Marlin.

Other issue is that they stopped mfg. them in the US a few years ago. You could look for a good used one.

I'm hunting with an old bolt action .30-30 this fall, here on the westside. I'll let you know how it goes in a couple of months...

Good luck
Thousands of deer and elk are killed every year with long bows and I'm pretty sure a 30/30 can out perform a long bow. If you shoot it and learn it, their is no reason you can't harvest any deer or elk with it. Know your firearm and know it's limitations.


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Weatherby 270. bar-none. but I'd also take a 30.06 any day. Grew up with both. No two finer guns out there.


You sound like your new to hunting. There is nothing wrong with the 30/30. I'm sure more deer have been killed with that round than any other. All I can say is if that is your firearm in the field. Be proficent with it. Shoot a 100 rounds if its in your budget. Know your limitations about taking a shot, distance, terrain and whether the animal is quartering or broadside. Even in Eastern Washington my shots are under a 150 yards well within the range of a 30/30.
I carry one when I draw a doe tag and use it with open sights for a challenge. Makes taking a meat deer fun.
Take time to shoot and get used to the rifle and the 30/30 Marlin can do you well.

Also you might look at the budget priced Stevens and Mossberg ATR rifles in .270 or 30.06. They are really well priced and great shooters.



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The 30/30 will more than suffice for deer at short ranges. And the Marlin 336 is an excellent levergun that won't let you down.
I watched my mother drop a 4 point Mule Deer running at 200 yards with one shot of her 30-30 Winchester. People that say they're good close gun's are right but they are good enough long guns as well!

I can hit anything I point at with my Model 94, and knock the crap out of it, they hit hard too :)