"Sick Day" tomorrow. What beach for Pinks, w/ a kayak?

Dan Cuomo

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Anyone care to suggest a good spot to go tomorrow - Tuesday - w/ my kayak, in search of Pinks? Any help would be much appreciated.

Dan Cuomo

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Would that be at Saltwater Park? I am less well informed re: that area than I should be. This is my second Pink run here in WA, and work had me on the run forcing me to miss the 07 run.


Ed Call

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Saw a guy in a kayak and another in a float tube at Dash Point last Friday morning. There were some fish being caught, not tons. I did not see the kayak or float tube hooked up.
Redondo was the place to be Sunday. To bad we had the kayaks out of Dash/Brown PT. Still a nice Coho was not a bad prize either. Heard reports that Sunday boats were limiting in less the an hour at Redondo. Trouble is those fish can get around pretty quick and by Tuesday who knows where the hot spot will be.


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I was out in my tube at Dash Thursday and didn't catch anything either. As of Thursday I saw the least ammount of fish I had seen there in two weeks. This is my first year fishing for Pinks so I am not sure if more wil be showing or if the run is slowing.


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Maybe you shouldn't have used your real name on here...hopefully the boss isn't a fellow fly angler. I would launch at DP state park and actively fish the tide change. There is an excellent change tomorrow with a big negative at low. You know where I'll be.... Its an easy launch, just have to wait til 7 am when the gates open up at the state park. You should have fun if you make it out tomorrow. Good luck!
Yea Sean only saw 1 school go through fishing the point itself and a group of a couple at the surface well outside the buzz bomb guys at the pier, when heading back to the Lobster Shack to pull the kayaks out. My thinking was they been hit so hard ot Dash and Brown they went elsewhere for the day but I might be way off. Never made it to the light house at BP wanting to stay away from that mob sceen. I did notice no one at Saltwater State park area making me wonder if any where around there.

Nutty Squirrel

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Fished MA-10 near Magnolia on Saturday and the Pinks were everywhere but they don't seem to linger long since I followed a school finning on the surface for a while and they covered about a mile in an hour I would estimate heading for Elliott Bay? I only fish salt so it's really amazing to see them on the surface at 9:00am (bright light) and see them appear very intent on getting to their destination.