Issabella on the Yak

Friday was my first trip back to the Yakima since April, and I knew I would pay the price for ignoring her for so long. Sure enough, I was snubbed all morning long. I threw everything I could think of, tandem nymph rigs, dry/dropper combos, big ugly streamers – nothing, nada, zilch. She finally warmed up to me after lunch. I picked up my first on a #18 flashback PT. Then the wind kicked in, and we’re not talking about a breeze, we’re talking white caps, getting blown upriver, hurricane style winds. Okay, I might be exaggerating a little bit, but it was WINDY. The wind made the fishing much more difficult, but not impossible. I picked a half dozen or so up on a #20 BWO sparkle dun, and my biggest of the day – a 17” fattie, on a # 6 stimulator. I also picked up a few on hopper patterns tight against the bank, and a #18 mayfly cripple. No real hatches to speak of, but I did see a few BWO’s floating around. I think their just around the corner. In any case, the fish are starting to key in on them. Overall, not a bad day fishing. Did I mention it was windy?

Oh by the way, if you are the guy I saw on the blue South Fork, tied to a raft with two kids in it. Nice idea in theory, but I doubt you’d be able to control both rigs if you got into trouble. Also, do us all a favor and put life jackets on the kids so we don’t have to read about another drowning do to parental stupidity...