Kenai Penninsula TR


Proud to Be Alaskan
Despite my best efforts its bead season, fish are keyed in on eggs and will hit nothing else, I like it because they are ravenous up in shallow water and ready to play.
I get to the river and rig up, bead, hook, split shot, bobbercator, and head out into the big water. No salmon wtf? normally the water is red this time of year, I fish half heartedly assuming I won't catch shit. Then a rise, and another, and another, this is truely the year of the dry fly, fish don't normally rise in this river when the hatches are heavy and there are no eggs in the water so to see a fish rise in the fall multiple times is absurd. I throw on the old stand by a green drake wulf and on the first cast this guys takes

All in all I raise 5 fish before it gets dark and hook a silver (I think, hard to tell it was really dark)

The next morning I'm up early typically there is a waiting line to park here

I start fishing, can't fish beads on the line only globugs and beads fashioned into flies, finally figured out the right color and caught a bunch of 12-14 inch dinks
some nice dollies too

Got one of the nicer bows of the year too