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Ed Call

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Drifters which is right across from the ferry landing or Holding Lane which is about a block and a half up from there and across the street. Both easily walkable in two to three minutes or less. Other suggestions?


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Very interesting idea, Daconil. If you are going for an articulated GP though, shouldn't you put the golden pheasant on the trailer, to mimic the dark eyes of a shrimp? Add in some crystal flash and/or orange calf tail for antennae to the trailer and keep the rest the same and I think that you'll have real winner.


Ed Call

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Two weeks from tomorrow all, how we doing? I've tied three of three different patterns and am letting them stew on my bench to see which I want to tie up the rest of...sorry, don't count on getting three from me.

Remember, Friday, October 2nd, early evening, say 6pm. Local pub to the Kingston Ferry Terminal...still up in the air over the two that are down there. I'll drop in and see if either is willing to offer a bunch of fly tyers a deal on drafts for one night.
I haven't started...but no worries, I can tie up some bunny madness pretty damn quick! I've been too busy tying to keep up with my fishing during the week. Looking forward to this outing!

Daconil, nice looking tie!

Ed Call

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So my stinger hooks are all dressed and will be off the dryer momentarily so I can tie them into the lead hook and finish. With ten people tying it is like tying 20 flies this way. I like that as I've tied more flies my consistency from one to the next has gotten a bit better. Thanks to you guys and everyone in previous swaps for being patient with me as I slowly improve. Mine will likely be done tonight or tomorrow night. I hope everyone likes attention grabbing red with red and more red covered by red and finally dressed in red. Here is one, front hook is not yet clipped, but it will be.
Well, guys, this is the first chance I've had with the outside world for some time, now. The lttle fall I had before the last swap turned out to be far more serious than the doctors originally thought. I have spent the past two weeks in Intensive Care at Tacoma General. It's a very long story and I'm pretty tired but as I bgain my strength back, maybe I can relate it to you. The wosrt part has been a complication to my right arm, never forseen but did occurr. I have no feeling in my index finger so tying my flies will be very difficult, at best. I do plan to finish them but due to travel restictions, pain, and general fatigue, I won't be at the swap. I thought for a couple of days that I might never be able to fish again. I was pretty devistated considering that what happened to my arm was a boo boo by the hosptal. My family and I are seeking counsel now as to whether to sue or not. Hopefully things won't get that bad and I'll ne back to normal in a week or two. I'll send the flies to Mimbles when they are complete and hopefully I have them ready on time. Tight Lines.

Ed Call

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Steve, sorry to hear you've been so out of commission. If you can't tie them up, we all will understand. If you do find the time and strength to tie them up mailing them is quite alright. We'll miss you as the face to face for sure. Most importantly though, get yourself healthy so we can all fish together soon.
Steve, so sorry to hear about your condition. I hope it is all downhill now and smooth sailing. Glad your feeling better. I'm sure we will all understand if you can't come, or aren't able to tie up some madness. You've got to look out for #1 first. Healing thoughts to you.

Ed Call

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Just finished tying the rest of mine. Head cement needs to dry and they are done. How is everyone else doing?

Right now I'm favoring the Holding Lane Pub because it seems to be a bit more popular, has more types of beer on tap and a bit more room.

If anyone is feeling generous and would be willing to toss in one additional fly I've been asked to donate a set of flies for my daughter's school fund raising auction. No big deal if you can't, I'll tie a set, but if you can that would be much appreciated.