Here's the Steelhead and Streamer list


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As of this morning, these are the flies I have received. The shipment will go in the mail tomorrow and everyone should receive their flies shortly :thumb Since my digital sucks, someone else will have to snap some pics and post them in the gallery if they would be so kind??

Steelhead flies received:
1 Andrew
2 Black Ghost
3 NWFlyfisher
4 Steelheader69
5 DonHouck (aka east fork)
6 Harleydeen
7 Obsessed
8 BobLawless
9 Fishingjunky15
10 MColagrossi
11 pwoens
12 flybill (dropped
due to acceptable excuse :p)

13 JORDAN19 ???????

Streamer Flies received:
1 Andrew
2 Papafish
3 gotchasr
4 philster
5 surf candy
6 flybill
7 boblawless
8 donHouck
9 baseballandfishing
10 fishingjunky15
11 pwoens

12 Wazoo

So whats up EastFork, you out there??? I should have had yours by now?? I will double check my packages tonight and if I didnt by chance glance over it when I wrote down names, I will wait 1 more day to ship out the packages.

I have to admit that im very surprised at the amount of flies that came in...only one drop and one no show?? Excellent jobs fellas!!!

EDIT: Jordan19 is the one we are missing in the steelhead swap????? You out there Jordan19???

~Patrick ><>

East Fork


I changed the name I was using on this board to East Fork conform to other useages. Then I (donhouck) accidently notified you that I had sent my flies while I was logged in under East Fork. “East Fork” isn’t participating in the swap. Accordingly, no flies will be shipped to you under the screen name of East Fork. I shipped the “donhouck” flies and it appears you have them. I apologize for the confusion.

Don Houck


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ahhh....I got it!!

Strange....looks like I am still missing someone, maybe??? I thought we had 13 steelhead participants and 12 streamer participants?? Maybe im confused and the split personality thing got us up to 13...LOL

Anyways, looks like wazoo is holding us up....leave it to a coug }( :p just playin

~Patrick ><>
Phew well I am glad you got my package and since I am assuming that my flies are average in comparison to the rest of the advanced tiers out there I will volunteer to take the pictures for the steelhead swap :).

Chris is there anyway I can post all the photo's on a different account so they do not take up space in my photo DB??? Or maybe just really low res?

If anyone has idea's on this shoot!! Thanks again and I can't wait to get the flies!!



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You are right in thinking that there was 13 in the Steelhead swap...some body wanted in just after a few had sent flies in...this person agreed that they will not recieve 13, but will produce 13.

Anyway, anxious as hell to see others! Thanks again for doing this...:thumb

East Fork

I would be happy to handle the pictures for the streamer swap. Send me the best flies so the pictures come out good :)


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Ironic we would have two Bill Z.'s participating. Wazoo, your flies were confused for what I thought was flybills??

Anyways flies are hittin the post office shortly. :thumb

~Patrick ><>
Glad to hear that the flies were there somewhere close to when they were supposed to be. I was starting to get concerned about what happened to package. I knew that I was 3 days late, but I couldn't figure out how the flies had not arrived by the 19th at the latest. Priority mail was supposed to have them there by the 18th.

It is a little crazy to have 2 Bill Zs in the swap. I will try to make sure that I do a better job of labling next time. I didn't want to be the only one who flaked out on the swap. It is hell when traveling gets in the way of important things like swap deadlines, but the silver fishing on Kodiak was spectacular.

Also feel free to dis the cougs as much as you need to. I am a Montana State Bobcat. They suck at all sports but come from a great place. LOL

Wazoo (Bill Z the II)

Jay Allyn

The Poor-Student Fly Fisher
GO DAWGS!!!!!!!!!!!! If you look at the pecking order of nature, it is the dogs that chase the cats and the cats that run from the dogs. Now with that out of the way....

Black Goast: Why did you tye such good flies? I'm not going to want to fish them!!!