area 11 report

went out in the wind and found a hiding spot out of the wind using a pattern I like for the finicky area 11 silvers hoping some were around. got 1 src around 12-14 inches but he came off when I was trying to get a picture. almost got a pic of a 2 or 3 lb salmon airborne next to boat when i was tying on a fly. just learned to post pics so i had to do a couple.



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Ha, I've still got that pattern from a silver swap we did a few years ago. It's caught some fish for me.

Oh, I like the spot you're fishing too.
I remember that fly swap, there was some good flys in that swap, we should do another one sometime.

well today had a few hours to kill in the late afternoon so launched the boat and fished a local blackmouth spot thats been loaded with bait. using a teeny 400 sinking line fishing the haystacks on the bottom in about 70 ft of water for some blackies/kings could not keep it down there for more than a couple minutes before one of these bastards bit. With hardly any pinks and coho around my hood i'm reduced to these. oh well, could be worse i guess, could be lakebass fishing

that is one visible fly

Jake Bannon

nymphs for steelhead....
My MA 11 beaches seem to be pretty slow for this time of year for some reason. Maybe the bulk of the fish havn't arrived? I fished a couple days ago on a MA11 beach and lost a very nice coho right at the shore after strong battle, saw one other fish jump and that was that. I havn't seen nearly the bait as I saw last year and the year before, wonder whats up.... Now awaiting some good tides to come, looks like I'll have to wait a few days.
This has been my worst summer ever for fishing area 11 north, area 10 south, no fish besides pinks in the redondo area. Alot of people have said that to. But have done really well up near jeffhead and pnp. Dont get it. There is tons of bait, Sometimes its so thick it just vibrates ur line but its all out in the 70-150 ft range. Seen absolutly no bait along the shore the last 2 days. thinking about moving to kingston and would solve this problem.
Duh! Why would any self-respecting fish lookm at a fly when there are "tons" of baitfish in the water? Think about it. Sometimes too many baitfish can slow a fishery. There's no competition for food.

Jake Bannon

nymphs for steelhead....
I for one would love to see some fish busting up sandlance balls like last year, at least it awares me that fish are present. Btw the green fly up top looks like a possible killer for lockjaw estruary coho and chums, definitly gonna add a couple to my box.


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I jst return from Alaska and decided to go down and check on the boat - I was out for one drift outside of GH and got my two fish - nothing big - but lots of fish around.