with apologies to Mumbles and others


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Gloating...maybe; but honestly just recognition of an experience I've never had before.

I need to go buy another catch card today.

I bought a Masterbuilt smoker in the spring in anticipation of this season and it's already earned it's place in my kitchen equipment. I'd be done for a while if I didn't have a nephew visiting from MT...the boy caught his fist salmon yesterday and we liked the experience.

Ed Call

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No offense taken Paul. Many have stated that they thought last year was a sparse year and this one has been bountiful. I found last year that I was the guy that walked on a beach, limited out in an hour or less and saved lots of time. This year I'm working a lot harder at the whole process. I guess it just happens to be the way it goes. I'm not mad at ya, just a bit jealous.