i am lost if a sealhead is a trout but gose to sea

ok i am lost if a trout is a stealhead but they go to sea if i cought a 19 in trout in the river how do u find out if it is stealhead or trout the regs say 20 is stealhead so 19 is trout or do they have difrent marks how do u tell keep the sunny side up and the krusty side down keeep on trucking :AA


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If it looked similar to a rainbow trout and it was in a coastal
stream than chances are it was a steelhead , I have never heard of a resident rainbow that big in a coastal stream.Unless
it was a cuttroat.If it did look like a bow then it was most
likely a 1 or 2 year steelie.Once at minter creek i caught a
17" inch 1 year summer run steelhead.I thought it was a resident rainbow for a long time but were would it have come from they don't plant them and there not natural and there is
no obstruction to keep steelhead from going to the salt so it must of been a steelie.So in conclusion I think you caught a
steelhead if it looked like a rainbow. :THUMBSUP