Alaska report: Nushagak, Illiamna, small creeks

Alaska, August 24 through 29

Went to the Illiamna area to reprise a trip I took two years ago. I went with my dad and a couple of friends.

On the way into Pedro Bay from Anchorage I shot this photo of Mt. Redoubt (correct me if I'm wrong).

The rainbow fishing was fantastic. Here are some pictures from the Illiamna River:

Another one of me hoping my backing knot would stand the test:

We flew out to the Nushagak to fish for Silvers for a day. The fish were big and they were biting. Unfortunately, I was so busy fishing I didn't take any pictures of the fish. Here's a shot flying into the Nushagak:

After fishing the Nushagak, we headed back to the Illiamna River for some more rainbows. The river was full of sockeye. I shot this picture in the Illiamna:

We spotted a lot of bear sign at every location we fished. This was a good clean paw print on one of the creeks we fished:

The rainbows seemed to be very feisty. Here's one that I caught on the Illiamna:

Finally, on the last day we had two bear sightings. We got to watch this one fish for a bit:

With a fish:

All in all, I think the rainbow fishing was much better than we had two years ago.

Here's a whole pile of pictures I took and some of my dad's (the bear fishing sequence).