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  1. Hiked into a distant canyon in the deep snow in search of birds. Found an elk trail which made the going a lot easier. Dog had a heck of the time in the deep snow but adapted. Jumped a lot of birds and stopped at 5. Tried to only shoot males bc2.jpg Hence the title
  2. Ran into bedded elk and some turkeys bc17.jpg bc15.jpg
  3. bc3.jpg bc5.jpg tough going in the deep snow bc4.jpg
  4. bc12.jpg Finding and retrieving was hard work .Look closely and see my dog's tail tunneling under sage brush Shot birds landed on top of the sage. (See dog's nose). Too high to retrieve. While one quail managed to hide 3 feet under snow and a big sage brush bc8.jpg bc10.jpg bc22.jpg
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  5. A bit of cabin fever for man and dog, the urge to stretch the legs, great photos. Well done Ribka.
  6. Excellent, thanks for sharing Ribka.
  7. Nice post Tom, your Vizsla needs longer legs...:D It looks as though you had a fruitful day in the snow a sage.
  8. Great photos Ribka, and sounds like a fun time!
  9. Thanks for sharing.
  10. Beautiful, Tom!
  11. Great photos Tom-it looks like our group had less success than others this weekend! I love hunting in the snow, and maybe we should have headed up toward the Winthrop cabin and hunted in the snow. Our season is just about done! Rick
  12. Returned in search of more birds. The crust that developed and deep snow necessitated that the dog be left at home.

    Improvised with XC skiis to access area. Let me tell you not easy to jump shoot on XC skiis!

    manage a few quail and chukar

  13. Very nice Tom! Took me a while to figure out that it was simply your dogs tail sticking out of the sage...very cool, thanks for sharing!
  14. excellent!
  15. Tom, that is hard core upland biathlon stuff, never heard of anyone quail hunting on skis before. Well done!
  16. Well done, Tom. Hunted furred/haired critters while using x-country skis, but never feathered game. Leading a bird has GOT to come with a significant degree of difficulty!
  17. That sure looks fun...thanks for sharing! Love the picture of your dog buried up to his butt.

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