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  1. Dropped the boat into the canal yesterday in anticipation of the zoo that will be this mornings launch for shrimp season. Managed to fish a little when i did finally get everything running smoothly and man is it nice to have the boat back. hooked 4 or 5 cutts and landed 3. Then i spotted a school of resident silvers tearing up some baby sandlance and it was on for and hour or so before I had to leave for dinner.
    The resis were all about 15 inches and the cutts about the same. i did get one really nice cuttie around 19 or so. but i couldnt get a solid measurement on him as I forgot my net and he flopped out of my hands. oh well. :beer1:
    Solid couple hours anyways. :thumb:
  2. Do you use any particular fly for baby sandlance? Might head out tomorrow and some people are seeing chum fry, some are not. Just seein what out there in canal before i head out. Sounds like a real good day to me.
  3. Bill at Peninsula Outifitters has some flies there that are really light epoxy baitfish. almost a tan over white, with an epoxy head and a little flash.
    thats what i have been using.
  4. Sweet, thank you for the info. I dont know why i dont got down there more often, it such a short drive.
  5. Hey Dave,

    It's been pure insanity over here for a couple weeks. Massive hordes of searun cutties and rezzies. Some days I do really well early in the mornings when they are in casting range, most of the time I just get to watch the show out in the rips 200+ feet out.

    aka Kid Sauk
  6. Justin- Call me sometime and we'll get out. i have been super busy with work but i am always looking for an excuse to get on the water.

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