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Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by ssickle1, Feb 12, 2005.

  1. ssickle1

    ssickle1 Slow and Low

    Do any of you guys fish light line spey rods? I fish a 7136 now and am considering picking up a 5 or 6 weight for trout and summers. I see most rod builders are now making these light line double handers.
  2. Ron Eagle Elk

    Ron Eagle Elk Active Member

    I just picked up a TFO 6 wgt and like it a lot. Plan to use it for summer runs and sea run coastal cutts this year. Lined it with an Airflo mid-spey. I gave some serious thought to one of Bob Meisers switch rods or one of his trout speys, but they were out of my price range.

  3. Standing people

    Standing people New Member

    The Sage 6126-3 is a gem for summer run, I even fish it for sky-hatchery winter run.
  4. Interesting thread... I have a 13' 7wt Fly Logic that I use primarily as a summer run rod. Once in a while I use it for trout or smallies. Lately I've been toying with the idea of a lighter two-hander (5/6 wt). But in the end I always decide that a 5/6 wt spey rod will be a duplication of my 7wt. So I'll probably end up with a 10' 5 or 6 wt (single hander) that will overhead and spey cast. :confused:
  5. DLoop

    DLoop Creating memories one cast at a time

    Bob Meiser (meiserflyrods) makes a sweet line of trout speys. One of his 11'4" rods is what I used on the Yakima almost exclusively last year. Tomorrow will be my first time on the Yak in '05, and I'm looking forward to finally catching something this year. Steelhead have just not cooperated the past several weeks for me. :(

    Here's a pic of my 5/6 spey


    and another one with a nice yak bow.

  6. Ron Eagle Elk

    Ron Eagle Elk Active Member

    Okay, D-Loop, now I'm jealous. Of the rod and the fish.
  7. Brent Comer

    Brent Comer Member

    I've been eye-balling those Meiser rods. They look fantastic. Dloop, what line works well for you on that rod? Are you using it strictly for dries, or are you casting tips or polyleaders?
  8. Keith Hunter

    Keith Hunter New Member

    That is one great looking spey rod! The fish is nice, too.
  9. DLoop

    DLoop Creating memories one cast at a time

    REE, don't be jealous of me, just throw some of your fishing success my way for my outing tomorrow.

    Brent, a favorite line of many for these trout speys if the Hardy Mach 1 8/9. Don't let the 8/9 rating fool you. This is really a 5/6 line that was labeled before the new spey line rating standards were finalized. It's a 39' head that weighs in at a mere 321 grains. By comparison, the Rio Windcutter 5/6 is a 50' head that weighs 380 grains (1 gram = 15.43 grains).

    Do I fish tips? Mostly yes. My favorite setup is the Hardy + Polyleader or furled leader + green bugger or streamer, with a soft hackle dropper. Swing it just like you're steelheading.
  10. Davy

    Davy Active Member

    I love the way the new 5 wt Sage TCR cast's,even for the 600 bucks they want (maybe it was more), and I casted a Meiser 5/6/7 today.My plan is for trout. that said=

    Aaron said today that the 5's and 6's are quite uncapable of landing summers safely. I do not know personally.Perhaps they are too light.My plan is mainly for trout on the mid-Sacramento river and upper Columbia.But not steelhead.For summers I have my bamboo 6wt.
  11. Brent Comer

    Brent Comer Member

    Thanks for the details, Dloop. Perfect!

    Right now I'm torn. I really would like to have a light-weight spey like your Meiser. On the other hand, I would like to have a beach cannon (CND Atlantis or similar).

    Davy, have you tried something a tad bit heavier, like in the 7/8 range? <limited experience talking> I think the rods in that class are capable of landing a summer run safely and they still retain the feeling of a light-weight setup.
  12. Davy

    Davy Active Member

    hehe.... my expereince is way limited, probably beyond yours--I just started spey last month, just relaying what Aaron told me Saturday because I like that 12' 5wt Sage.Just not the price.

    But am sure a 7/8 would be fine for summers. With the kind of luck I have had lately a 0 wgt would be fine for me.
  13. Scott Behn

    Scott Behn Active Member

    I have taken the plunge and have Mr. Meiser making my blanks as we speak...I'll finish the rest when I get it....

    can't wait...

  14. DLoop

    DLoop Creating memories one cast at a time

    Scott, are you getting one of Bob's RTW (ready to wrap) blanks? If so, let us know how it turns out. I've been interested in those too.
  15. Old Man

    Old Man Just an Old Man

    Hey Davy,why don't you try one of Aaron's rods out for a week. He will let you try them out just as long as you bring them back. I've had several out that way. And about the best was a Meiser 11'4" 5/6 rod lined with something that H2H came up with. As usual I'm completly in the dark on this subject.

  16. Davy

    Davy Active Member

    good ideeear, figures he would do that-- he just keeps on giving don't he? Wish it was closer. I will end up buying my next from him--just think I will get the Sage 5 wt blank and build it at Rons

    Yeah--those meisers are great--I thru a Meiser 12' 5/6/7 Saturday-butter!!!

    For now though, I am going back to my 10 footer one hand..Just go out and practice with the spey.Last time out I buried a 3/0 GP in my eyebrow/forehead.Ouch...... Atleast I caught something

  17. Scott Behn

    Scott Behn Active Member

    Yeah DLoop I'm getting one, I figured since I work at Greg's... here in Lk. Stevens I can finish the rod the way I like it.

    I just hate the waiting part. I'm hoping I get it done soon Mr. Meiser said that it won't be until early March that I would be recieving it. I figure a few days at the wrapper and dryer and I'm still able to use for winter runs and springers...

  18. Salmo_g

    Salmo_g Active Member

    I have the CND Spey Tracker. It's 12' rated 5/6/7, and I use a 6 wt spey line on it. Seems like it'll be good for Methow and Grand Ronde steelhead, but I only hooked not landed a steelhead yet. Caught some dollys on it, but I guess that's not saying much, not meaning any disservice to the dollys. The rod isn't considered a steelhead rod, but I don't know why not. It's got at least as much butt as my 7 or even 8 wt. single handed rods that I've used for steelhead of all sizes for years. It probably isn't well suited for heavy sink tips, but I think it'll do fine with the floating line, and casts the Airflow sinking poly leaders OK.


    Salmo g.
  19. ssickle1

    ssickle1 Slow and Low

    I fish a 7136 for summers. Mike Kinney helped me with the fly lines so I can throw tips. Landed a 10 pounders on the Deschutes no problem.

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