5/6 wt. 11ft. rod???

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Joshua A. Sklaroff, Nov 19, 2005.

  1. Joshua A. Sklaroff Guest

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    I am looking to build a two handed 5/6wt. 11 ft. fly rod. Does anyone know where I can find a blank or even a complete rod? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!:thumb:
  2. Monk Redneck

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    I am not being an ass or anything, but I was wondering what the purpose was of a two-handed trout rod.
  3. Joshua A. Sklaroff Guest

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    I would like a lighter weight two handed rod for smaller fish. I enjoy casting spey style with two hands.
  4. VancouverFisher Lucky if I get out anymore!

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  5. Monk Redneck

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    Makes sense. I was just curious if you wanted one for a certain kind of fishing. Thanks for the reply and sorry if I was off-topic. :beer1:
  6. Joshua A. Sklaroff Guest

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    I'll check it out. Thanks Shane!
  7. Anil Active Member

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    This question depends on what you mean by 5/6.
    One rod that you may like is the Sage 6110-4 XP. As a production rod, it comes with a standard fighting but. I was impressed with how it cast with a 6 weight S.A. Steelhead taper line. Blanks are available and you could use a short Spey handle on such a rod. Unfortunately, I think that a 5/6 Spey line would be too much for this rod and you should stick with a standard line.
    If you are looking for an 11’ rod that will handle a 5/6 Spey line, then consider the brand new ‘Native Run’ rod from G-Loomis. It is classified as an 11’ 7 weight rod. It can be cast single handed with a standard 7 weight line, but it also does very well with a windcutter 5/6 line.
    This rod is not yet available but should be by the end of November.
    I’m sure that there are a few other rods that would be applicable, but these are two that I was personally impressed by.
  8. Jim Fitz Member

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    Batson sells a 11'-6" 6/7 spey blank. Not quite what you are looking for. They are a sponsor at rodbuilding.org. 11' is an odd size - larger that most people make for a single hander and shorter than most spey/2 hand blanks.

    I read some place that it is likely you'll see more and more double handers in lower weights and lengths as they are discovered for their usefulness and applicability for trout fishing - you can simply cast farther which is advantage in places and they are easier on old bodies. Spreads the work out over more of the body than slinging a rod with one arm all day. I'll be curious to see if this comes about.
  9. pcknshvl Member

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    CND rods makes two "Trouter" rods, one a 12 ' 6" (I think) and the other around 10 ft. Both can be cast with two hands.

    I have a Snowbee Torridge 6/7 (12 ft) scandi style rod that I use on the Yak. I think two-handers (whether spey or overhead) will start appearing everywhere. I like the efficiency, long casts, and conserved energy.

  10. SpokaneFisherman Member

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    I know it's not an 11 footer. But I'd suggest the Sage 5120-4. It's become my go to trout rod. :thumb:
  11. Greg Smith Member

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    I have a Bob Meiser 10'-6" 5/6 two hander. I haven't become very good as a spey caster yet, but it is a great nymphing rod.
    Check out his site and then talk to him. He is very good at helping you choose which type of rod is best for you.

    Greg Smith
  12. JoeThunder Adipose intact

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    I'll second Bob Meiser as a resource. A very friendly well informed guy and a heck of a rod builder
  13. Old Man Just an Old Man

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    Cabela's sell a 11'3" 6wt fly rod.It's not really a spey rod but I think it is for lake fishing out of a float tube. It is a single hander with a extra long butt on it. It is in the latest catalog.

  14. Big Tuna Member

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    What blanks does Rob Meiser use? I saw that he will tie rods on Sage and T&T, but got the impression those weren't his typical blanks.
  15. FT Active Member

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    Meiser uses blanks made to his specifications that are produced for him by CTS of New Zealand for his own R.B. Meiser 2-handers.

    His switch rods are made on Dan Craft FT blanks.

    Gary Anderson makes an 11'3" 5/6 2-hander; but I don't know if he sells blanks. He is a custom rod builder from Oregon who has blanks made to his specifications be several different blank manufacturers.
  16. FlyShopKristin Going Online

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    Vantasy - You can check out a couple of the options noted above by taking a Saturday drive down 203! You could look & cast some of the Meiser rods down in Carnation Saturday AM. River Run Anglers hosts a Spey Try rack Saturdays down on the Tolt. You can then head to Monroe - we carry Rainshadow (Batson) blanks - we've got a finished 11' Spey rod like Jim noted above, so you can check it out.

    Makes for a fun Saturday AM, and not too far from Woodinville.
  17. Old Man Just an Old Man

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    Why is it,you can lure people to the water but you can't make them drink.

    With that said,we all talk about spey rods and where to try them out and to practice casting but still they ask.:confused: :confused: