5/6wt rod vs. 5wt and 6wt rods?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by dlxkey, Nov 8, 2009.

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    A bit of newbie here...and wondering...

    I ordered what was listed as an 8 weight rod online, and when it shows up it's marked as an 8/9.
    So I'm wondering, other than forking out the dough to experiment with the two different weight lines, are there any opinions on generally what this kind of weight rating on a rod means?
    Like, do they generally handle fine with one or the other, handle neither one particularly well, or generally do better toward the lighter or the heavier weight line???
    This one's not a big-name brand rod, just a guy on ebay who I think makes them himself ("emerald matrix" via "Gremlin...") and he rates all his rods as being medium/fast.

  2. Toney My other car is a fly rod.

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    Generally, if you're a newbie, I would go with the heavier line. It will load up quicker with less line. In fact, most people (including myself) would be better off with the heavier line. That said, I doubt you'd know the difference between the two lines anyway.

    If you're still uncertain, go to a fly shop and ask to borrow two practice lines on practice reels, one 8-weight and one 9-weight (they are set up for this). Explain you're reasoning, and they might help you decide. All fly shops (well, nearly all) will happily let you try some lines on their practice reels. If you feel a little guilty about this, buy a few flies at the shop to help your conscience.

    Now, a more technical person than I might point out the the labelling indicates that a more moderately flexed rod can be made stiffer by a lighter line, thus the 5/6. But much of this is very relative to your developing casting style.
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    Im not very knowledgeable on this topic but I think typically those rods with the 5/6, 7/8 are good with either size of line, just kinda based on what you want to do.
    example: If you had a 5/6, And did mostly nymphing you would prlly want a 6wt line on there for more buoyancy. however if you were using the same rod for say still water or throwing dries, where you want better accuracy, the 5 line would be a better call.
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    Great idea Toney; that idea never occurred to me but makes perfect sense. I've already dropped a couple of hundred bucks on couple of lines for my other rods up at Pacific Fly Fishers in Mill Creek, and their website says they have a casting pond out in back of the store.
    Thanks for the tip!

  5. dlxkey New Member

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    Your theory is kind of what I'm afraid of Blake. That if the rod is capable of handling either weight line well, why then, I'll feel compelled to own a whole variety of both! :eek: