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Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by Steve Knapp, Sep 22, 2013.

  1. Very cool, congratulations. I'll be keeping a watchful eye out for all your passe beach gear in the classifieds :D.
  2. Hahaha, not likely! I was hitting the beach yesterday and again in about 5 hours!

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  3. Nice Speyco! And nice fish! Congrats. Welcome to the Darkside!
  4. Very nice report and thanks for sharing it with us. It is always refreshing to see someone swing up their first.
  5. It was a tough year for most up North. Tough to take that much time and money for a couple of fish. The reports I heard from others in camp were poor for the most part. They essentially mirror your catch reports of well less than a fish per day. Of course you still have the awesome moose signs!

    Go Sox,
  6. The other guys I spoke with all said the same thing, tough year. Oh well, it was still an awesome trip, one that I'll be doing again next year. At least I've got plenty of flies tied.... I think I brought about 10 dozen (tying all summer in preparation can get a little out of hand) and probably fished 10 patterns? In reality I only needed to fish 1 pattern the entire week, but where's the fun in that?

    Hearing that Speyco scream with a fish running was awesome, I can't get the memory out of my head.

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  7. gotta pay your dues up there!!! Not like fishing bars down here...you either learn or you leave saying it's not worth the dough!!! I had two great teachers and it still a couple + years for me to slowly start to understand..

    Tough year in that lost all mine on the dry..not so tough on the wet and just about all the fish I saw were big boys...one day I hope to have a place there!!! So long to wait and then "poof" it's gone... smither big buc...JPG
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  8. Golfman65,

    I'm not sure what you mean. BC steelhead are like steelhead anywhere I've fished for them in terms of they like the same things as regards water depth, velocity, substrate, and cover. I'm not experienced enough to know for fact, but it seems like they will rise to the surface in colder water temperatures than they will here.

    Unfortunately, most of the fish I saw were little to average size boys and girls, except for three, hooked by fishing partners, not me.

    Anyway, I'm not aware of any mysterious differences. Paying one's dues applies to any river as far as I know.

  9. Golfy,

    Sorry to hear you couldn't keep them stuck up top. Fortunately, I kept a couple of the dry fly fish buttoned. My landing percentage on all fish was way up from last year (not all that difficult as you saw). Anyhow, I think I saw you coming back as I headed up on Sat. Scaddon in the back of a pick up truck right?

    Canadians love Whiskey.

    Go Sox,
  10. that was me....got there and it was 81* then the temp dropped on monday and it was cooler as the week went on...started to clear as well and on the last day I got my first bright fish..all the others had been in the river a bit...that said, that buck took off down river jumping all the way a hundred plus yards..one of the coolest fish I've gotten, an old warrior..

    A bud was having better luck then me with the dry, especially by the end of the week...mine were taking and not budging...just holding in the same spot...befuddled me as I couldn't get a hook set worth a damn...right on CS for getting them on the dry!!

    Salmo for a guy who's been all and done all I'm surprised...or maybe not..by your comment...I find steelhead to be very different from river to river...Up there they do something I've never seen anywhere else..and compared to other steelhead in other rivers..if you don't get it quick you won't...Ahhh but I regress, I honestly have tried to stay off and out of all this..so never mind, I'm gone!!
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