NFR 5 Tons of Nutella?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Old406Kid, Apr 10, 2013.

  1. I like Nutella, it's really good on toast.
  2. I've stuffed French toast with it many times. Creamy chocolate and hazelnut oozing out of perfect crisp and soft spiced French toast.....YUM!
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  3. It's like peanut butter, but better.
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  4. My wife is originally from Germany and we always have at least one jar of it in the pantry. She also claims she has an alibi in regards to the hoist linked above... :)
  5. Dining hall kids at Columbia University were recently exposed for stealing jars of Nutella to fuel their "Core Curriculum" requirements. Stealing Nutella from the dining hall was part of expected/entitled behaviors to train those smart kids for careers in law, politics and finance.

    I do not agree with Lewis Black but the sentiment is well put...
    "anyone who believes that melted chocolate nut cream was a healthy way to start the day, is an idiot"
  6. Oh man, anyone who doesn't understand the appeal of Nutella, simply hasn't tried it! (or doesn't like chocolate, which is hard to imagine...)

    Next time camping with the kids, try Nutella smores; substitute Nutella for the Hershey's bar. sigh...

  7. You eat them nasty McRib's.
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  8. One great big sugar fix. Akin to eating a couple of jelly donuts. No thanks.
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  9. ... I didn't say it was good for ya'

    and for the record, I have no problem avoiding jelly donuts, but Nutella is a different matter.
  10. Allergic to hazelnuts, use to not bother me but now if I eat even a tiny bit like in some kinds candy I break out in all kinds of splotchy red marks. And I really liked hazelnuts too.
  11. Its the go to stuff on toast. But I am a Filbert Fanatic.
  12. Thank you for using the classic term Filbert, no one ever does ;)
    I use it alot at work when I make someone a Filbert Macchiato, they just look at me like I had three heads.
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  13. sounds like I've been missing something
  14. soft pretzel from the oven, spread nutella and dip in jimmies (yeah, the ice cream cone ones)
    that was standard breakfast fare for my German roommate in college

    not bad with a good Stout beer either
  15. Filberts are just one of many types of hazelnuts albeit the most popular. Some local farms are selling really high quality fantastic varietals. Check your local farmers market.
  16. I'd pay good money for crunchy Nutella. Leave the nut fragments big, give the paste some texture, throw in some variety- maybe instead of hazelnuts they also have an almond version, a coconut one...
  17. I'm setting up a roadblock for the next bagel truck that comes down I-90. When I can confirm a "takeover" please have the Nutella guy contact me.
  18. P.S. Could use one of those P.E.T.A. drones for advance notification of the bagel truck.
  19. I'll take a McRib over their McFish any day, pretty sure it's a carp family between buns

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