$5 used fly lines, Fenwick 6 wt.

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by yellowlab, Aug 10, 2007.

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  1. Misc. fly lines $5 a piece

    3M WFF 5 wt. no cracks, lt. green

    Teeny First Cast 90' 8 wt. WFF Yellow, lawn cast, good condition, no cracks.

    8 wt. ?? Misc, WFF used once, white, excellent condition.

    Teeny First cast 90' 10 wt. WFF, yellow, good condition.

    Used Windcutter 9/10/11 Floater $35.

    Sage 9140 Greenie, excellent condition with warranty card, sock and Cordura tube $300

    Used once Windcutter 8/9/10 with tips, with box, wallet, manual, excellent condition $85.

    Martin Rolling Fork 9' 6 wt. 2 piece, carbon fiber uplocking reel seat, IM6 graphite with sock and LL Bean Rod Tube $75, Great for fishing Pinks!!!

    Fenwick Eagle GLC, 8'6" 6 wt. medium action, uplocking walnut reel seat, 2 piece with PVC rod tube and sock $50.
  2. Yellowlab, I'll take the two WFF 8wts and will pay shipping if that works for you. Thanks Monte
  3. Yellowlab, I will take the martin and fenwick if you will ship to michigan, and you had a picture of a orvis battenkill 3 with extra spool and lines, I am interested in that also. Frank
  4. PENDING Sale of lines to Monte... PEnding sale on 9140, WC 9/10/11 and Endurance 3 to Joe F.

    MA 3 Battenkill....SOLD
  5. You have a pm
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