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Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by chrome/22, Nov 18, 2012.

  1. Just built up a Batson forecast RX6, mine is the F905-4. So its a moderate action 9' 5 weight.
    Its going to pull double duty as my kickboat trout rod w/ a full sinking lne & a lightweight beach/small boat stick for sea run cutts & resident coho.

    My question is to the beach line.

    I'm thinking Rio Outbound 1-1.5" ips sink rate in a 5 pr 6 weight, these two...

    21713 Rio OutBound Coldwater Fly Fishing Line, Intermediate WF5F/I $79.95

    21722 Rio OutBound Coldwater Fly Fishing Line, Intermediate WF6F/I $79.95

    The 5wt. has 210 grain shooting head & the 6wt. a 240 grain head.

    Any help ??

  2. haven't cast your rod, but i would go with the 5wt outbound. rio has upped the grain weight on the outbounds so you don't have to upsize (like with their shooting heads) 1-2 line sizes.

    i have a 5 wt. outbound short i'd be happy to let you cast. i'm in port angeles, so just PM me if you want to cast it.

  3. Chris, thanks.

    Do you use the floater or the 1-1.5 ips slow sink? If you fish them bolth which do you find more useful ?

  4. The only way you'll know is to cast those lines on your rod, there's no other way of knowing. You said your rod is a moderate action (medium fast I'm assuming) those shooting heads might be too heavy for that rod.
    I always take a floater and a intermediate shooting head with me in the salt, depending on the tide, current and beach I will use one or the other and sometimes both on the same beach as the depth changes. The intermediates are great for distance. I'm sure you will find the one that works best with your rod, just keep trying, most shops will work with you
    cause they know it's not as simple as it once was. Good luck
  5. I would guess on a medium-fast rod the 5 wt will be best especially for intermediate. I have a 6 wt z-axis (fast action). The 6 wt outbound floater is a bit light. The 6 wt intermediate Outbound short is about right on that rod. The floater is good on my medium-fast 6 wt rod but the intermediate is a bit too over lined.
  6. Mark, its a fairly common rod, I'd think due to the low price point & was trolling for someone who had fished one w/ anumber of lines & could steer me to the right one.

    Yeah I'd say med-fast on this one, si now I'm thinking the 5wt intermediate Outbound short will give me max distance w/o overloading the rod.

  7. I hope someone that has owned or used that rod will jump in and give you a heads up on which lines they liked, it would
    certainly make things easier. Anyway best of luck, I'm going through a similar situation with a redington CPS 9'6" 7wt, I've already tried three different lines and still haven't found what I'm looking for.
  8. Mark,
    I fish a Airflo 7 wt 40+ intermediate on my 6 wt CPS.

    Have you considered using a 10' clear sink tip on your 5 wt?

  9. i'm pretty sure it's the clear intermediate line. if you are interested in the outbound short... better order one soon as rio is going to stop making them in a 5 wt size.

    for a floater i use a 30' 7 wt floating shooting head.
  10. No tell me more Stoner.

    I've cast a 8 wt Outbound on Sam's Winston BX 2 & really liked the way the line shoots & handles. That BX 2 is a med-fast action too IMO.

    So that where I'm coming from.

  11. Sorry I'm late to the discussion. I built up several of these rods for Jim Riggins to give to the kids in his Juvie program. I think they are a great rod for the price, but I don't think I would over-line it. It already has a medium to medium fast action with plenty of feel, and i don't think there is much to gain by overloading it. I was casting it for trout with a airflo selective trout 5wt and could cast a good chunk of that line. For beach fishing I would probably cast it with the outbound 5wt. Floater or intermediate is your choice, but I think I would base that more on the topography and specie I was targeting. For SRCs I like a floater, as you are often fishing very shallow. On the other hand if it is a steeply sloped beach or I'm targeting rezzies I would probably go with the intermediate.
  12. I agree with Rob. I use a 6 wt. Outbound on my 6 wt. Xi2 and it casts really well. The Batsons are nice blanks but I wouldn't overline one.
  13. Thanks guys, 5 weight Outbound it is !!

    I'll order one up today before they are all gone.

  14. The lines you mention are floating, with an intermediate tip. They have a full intermediate, which is the one I'd go for if you're going the intermediate route...i.e. the WF5I, but I'm not sure you can still get it.
  15. the folks at rodbuildingforum might be able to steer you in a good direction as they seem pretty familiar with the Forecast. I'm building up a Matrix 6 weight for my beach rod, a bit faster than the Forecast.
  16. Thats the one I want, just the WF floater & slow-sink tip, I've fished that line on my other rods & am comfortable w/ that type. But thanks for pointing out the OB line choices.


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