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  1. Broke the tip on my WW.Gregg 5 wt rod and can't get another foward section untill next spring.
    I'm looking at replacing it with a Cabela's LST rod on sale for $100 or a TFO series 1 Lefty Kreh rod for $110. Which is the better buy. I'm not very rod savvy and had the WW Gregg for over 10 years. Any advice will be appreciated
  2. How did you get in contact with WW Gregg? They are not returning my phone calls to the phone number listed on their web site. Thanks.
  3. Vlad, I called them at 503-651-1700
  4. I think the TFO is a better rod. But, my buddy has a 4wt cabelas 2 pc rod that had a med-slow action on it, and it is amazing for the small streams. I guess it just depends on what kind of fishing you do. Personally, if I were you, i would head over to Cabelas and try both of them out. Try out a bunch of different rods, whichever one feels like it has the right action for you, its the one you should get. If you are fishing streamers i would use a faster action so you can feel the bite better, for dry flies, you may be more pleased with a medium to medium slow action. Its really all preference, and what you are comfortable casting.
  5. Both are decent rods for the money. I would handle them both if I were you and one will tell you it wants to go home with you. Also, if you break the Cabela's rod you can probably take it right into the store, slap it on the counter and get a replacement. TFO is prompt, they charge $25 for a replacement but you have to ship it to Texas.

  6. Since you narrowed it to those two in your search, the Cabela's LST is the better buy. You are comparing a rod that regularly retails for $110 with one on sale for $100, marked down from $180 but with value far higher than $180.

    I own an LST. It is not a slow rod, LST is their "Line Speed Taper" series. It is a fast action rod and a great casting and good looking stick. If I were you, I'd cough up another $5 and buy the 4 piece 5 wt. You'll give yourself a lot more flexibility that way if you ever travel or take it backpacking. I have a lot of TFO sticks....Pro, Healing Waters, Axiom, Ticr, TicrX etc. I like all of them, but in your case, you'll get more bang for your buck and a higher quality rod if you buy the LST. I'm sure you will enjoy it. Very light, nice cork, very well built.

    Have fun shopping.
  7. If you don't fish much, never mind. If you do I'd seriously consider bumping up one more step. You'd be out another $50 or so but the most bang for
    the buck with rods comes in that +/- $150 range. After that it's a downhill slide of $ spent and diminishing returns. If I were in your shoes I'd go
    Echo Carbon...far better rod and you can have new tips as often as you want within 3 days. If I had to wait more than a couple weeks to make a rod
    functional (much less 6 months...ouch) the rod would be gone. Period. IMO the market is calling bullshit on stuff like that and seems the better rod
    makers are responding.

    Good Luck!
  8. I agree with Mingo that the Cabela's LST is the better buy. If you're not rod savy, any of the rods in this price range will probably appeal to you equally. If that's the case, might as well take home the one on sale.

  9. X2 the echo carbon is a sweet stick and ive gotten it rturned to me twice now in just over a week. thats with shipping it downand shipping it back up to me.....
  10. Another Echo Carbon vote. I love mine. $169.
  11. I'll bet you'll love any rod you own.

    I also have three TFO's and I like them also. Along with two Gloomis's and one St Croix. I tend to spread my money around to several different places.. Oh, and I have one custom made rod. Made by Flybill. A 7'6" 3wt. Blank unknown
  12. Thanks guys for the good advive. Ill be making my choice soon. Even with my limited skills I do fish a lot and can't have just one fly rod.
  13. Check the Classifieds on this site too. Heck even post a "WTB" posting .... I've landed several great rods from folks on here.

  14. Take a look at the Redington CT. They sell them at SportCo in Fife/Tacoma. Just go cast it! $99
  15. I have to agree that Echo makes a superior product. I have a Classic, no longer in production. I've beat the shit out of it scrambling/whacking into spots in the Cascades, Beartooths, and Catskills, and it only has a few scratches and very, very ugly cork. No matter how many "nicer" rods I buy, this one is still my go-to rod. Echos have character for sure.
  16. My goto rods are all Echo 2 and Echo Classics. My backup rods are all TFO or Albright A5s. If you're in Bothell area, go to Avid Angler and cast the Echos - I think they still also have TFOs, so try both side by side
  17. I have a couple TFOs in lighter weights and like them. I also have an ECHO in 6-weight. I agree with Mingo's advice.
  18. Go echo! Designed by the top fly caster in the world( Tim rajeff) , can't go wrong. Ohh and his brother (Steve rajeff) designs for loomis so I think they may know a thing or two about good rod design.
  19. Just posted this in a parallel thread (http://www.washingtonflyfishing.com/board/showthread.php/70287-Sage-Rods). Just bear in mind that fly rods are like any outdoor gear: Because of personal tastes, techniques and desires, everyone will have different experiences with the gear in question.

    Sage Flight is a great rod series, but after field testing and reviewing a slew of 5-wt rods this spring/summer, I have to recommend the Redington CT (Classic Trout) series. In pure performance -- casting ability, casting accuracy, casting power -- the Redington CT, at $160 for most rods in the series (http://bit.ly/d0wrXA) out performed the Sage VT2 ($475 for the 9' 5wt) and was nearly on par with the Orvis Hydros ($495 for 9' 5 wt). Our final results: If you can afford it, go straight for the Sage Z-axis. If cash is a concern, go for the Redington CT series. Note that testers included two Washington Dept of Fish and Wildlife officers (one retired) and a couple professional guides (both unaffiliated with any rod company).

    That said, the Sage Flight series is also an outstanding series -- I have two in my personal quiver. (FULL DISCLOSURE: I also have a Sage Z-axis rod, an older Orvis Trident, an Orvis Power Matrix rod, an old Orvis Rocky Mtn pack rod, and a couple St. Croix rods)

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