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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by johnmetcalfe, Dec 7, 2006.

  1. johnmetcalfe

    johnmetcalfe New Member

    Can I get your thoughts on the Sage FLi 5wt. What other 5wts are not expensive and good?
    Thanks a lot
  2. rodeo11

    rodeo11 Meat chucker

    Haven't tried the Fli so can't say much for that. As for other inexpensive rods go for any of the TFO's (I own 2), they are pretty much all under the price range of the Sage Fli and can handle just as smoothly.

  3. Itchy Dog

    Itchy Dog Some call me Kirk Werner

    I have the Sage Fli in 6wt and love it. The price is fairly easy on the wallet and the rod casts like a dream (for me, anyway). I like the faster action for windy days and bigger streamers. I also have the Sage Launch in 4 wt, and love that rod for it's purposes. It's got a bit more nimble feel which is what I wanted in a lighter rod. You might consider the Launch as well at under $200.

    Go cast them, then you'll have the best advice possible.
  4. SteelieD

    SteelieD Non Member

    I really like my Scott A2. A bit slower action. Also check out the Winston Vapor. I bought one of those last year and it's a great casting rod. A more similar action to the Fli.

    Cast 'em all!
  5. Denny

    Denny Active Member

    The Sage FLi is a very nice rod for the money.

    There are gobs of other very nice rods in or around that price range.

    Winston Ascent
    Winston Vapor
    TFO Series 1 (lot less money than the FLi, and a serious bargain!)
    TFO Professional
    TFO Teeny (love their fighting butts!)
    Redington CPS
    Redington RS3
    Redington RedFly
    St. Croix Avid
    Orvis (Clearwater and TLS, both excellent buys)
    Scott A2

    Unless you're one of the folks who are anti-corporate, one of the nice things about buying the FLi is you're buying the service, research, reputation, and prestige that comes along with Sage rods. Most of the other rods mentioned above also come from companies with good reputations and service.
  6. BrianC

    BrianC Member

    I fish a five weight FLI and love it. I use it for all kinds of purposes and have never been disappointed. I have T&T's (LPS and Helix) in other weights, and although they are awsome, I have never wanted to spend the extra cash on a five weight T&T because I have been so happy with the FLI.
  7. Merch

    Merch New Member

    I just got a 5wt Launch and tested both the Sage and TFO. I went with the Launch because it was slightly lighter and I liked the action a little more. It seemed a little faster than the TFO which fits my rhythm better.

    Both TFO and the Sage, Launch or FLi, are very good rods.

  8. Denny

    Denny Active Member

    Which TFO model?
  9. Rory McMahon

    Rory McMahon Active Member

    I suggest TFO pro, but St. croix rods are supposedly pretty nice.
  10. tonemike

    tonemike fish'n glass

    one rod to really consider is the cabelas stowaway. their 8'6" 5pc 5wt has gotten great reviews and is a pleasure to cast/fish. i got mine a few years ago as a back up and ended up fishing it on that trip instead of the sage 581LL. and it cost less than a hundred bucks!!! there's my 2 cents.
  11. jfh9

    jfh9 Member

    Depends on what you are going to use it for. I own a Fli 4 wt for trout. Great rod. I also own a TFO Teeny 6wt for SRC's and salmon. The TFO can really get it out there and the Fli has a very nice feel and presentation. TFO Teeny is $200. Both great rods just have different uses in my opinion.
  12. Old Man

    Old Man Just an Old Man

    You can also try the TFO Finesse rods. I got a 3 wt this summer. A 7'9" one, now it is my summer rods hands down.

  13. Salmo_g

    Salmo_g Active Member


    There are hardly any bad fly rods on the market these days. A friend of mine bought a $36 5 wt at a Mega Sports shop so he could go trout fishing with me in Yellowstone a couple years ago. It was no Sage, but it cast just fine, and the trout never knew how little he paid for it.

    I bought a close out Rainshadow 5 wt blank for $15 at a sports show 4 years ago, built it up with another $30 worth of parts and took it with me to Kamchatka as backup for my cane rod. I fished it a couple days and caught rainbows to 6 pounds with it. Very nice rod and really good for the money.

    I made a point of giving every fly rod Sportco carried a year or so ago and was surprised that there was only one that I wouldn't fish with.

    My point is that there are good fly rods and better rods on the market nowadays. Fly fishermen have never had better gear choices available to them, at all price points.


    Salmo g.