5 wt travel rod

Discussion in 'Rod Building' started by Wayne Kohan, Nov 19, 2004.

  1. Wayne Kohan fish-ician

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    I currently own 2, 4 ,6 and 8 wt. rods. They are all two piece rods. I'd like to have a "travel" rod and am planning on building a 5 wt this winter. I built a 2 piece St. Croix Legend Ultra 6 wt last year and I'm thinking of building either the 4 pc or 5 pc 5 wt. For the same price I can get a 4 pc Sage VPS.

    Any thoughts or experience with these rods out there? The 5 piece Legend Ultra seems to be a good idea, but I notice the weight of the blank goes up dramatically between 4 and 5 pieces - .5 ounces or about one third extra weight. Does this make a difference in how the rod will feel all day in my hand?

    Thanks for your thoughts and comments.

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    If weight is a consideration, the Sage VPS is heavier than the earlier RPL blanks. I have owned both. Hope this helps