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Look up Jack Gartside, Boston Mass area...he has a website he's a master, as is Kenney Abrahms who was noted earlier... There are a few good books as well... The Striped Bass by Nick Karas is a good one, "Inshore Flyfishing" by Lou Tabory is another good one with more modern info and includes tackle and techniques, flies etc. ... tons of good stuff on the internet. Lefty Kreh wrote a ton of good articles on Striper fishing, mostly Chesapeake Bay area stuff, including his book "Saltwater Flies". I fished for them from Maine to South Carolina, Hatteras and Okracoke Island etc. Its an addiction for sure...tons of night fishing. This is prime time, now through christmas if you began up near Nantucket, The Vinyard and Cape Cod or Montauk Point through thanksgiving, then head south along the shore to South Jersey, places like Barnegat Bay and Long Beach Island...Island Beach State Park... then down to Chesapeake Bay and tributaries...then to Virginia and the mouth of the James River, then down the coast to Oregon inlet and Hatteras, Okracoke etc. You can even find them in the lower Altamaha River near brunswick GA and Sea Island in wintertime. I would say a 10 weight is mandatory. I got away with a nine weight for years but was seriouly under-gunned many times.
Billy lives! How ya doin' pard? What Dizane said was money- fishing at night and with something long and twisty that looks like an eel or bloodworm. We'll miss you at Chico this year.

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SciGuy, if you're an hour north of Philly and Anglers Pro Shop is your local fly shop, then you're right where I grew up. I didn't do any striper fishing from Jersey beaches, but you have a lot of FW opportunities very close by. Check out the Perkiomen Creek and its tribs for smallmouth--some nice ones are around. Nockamixon and Peace Valley lakes offer a variety of species, but you'll want a canoe or something similar to fish them. Then there's the Delaware River. You have to fish the shad run in April/May. Various places in Bucks County going up past Port Jervis on the NY border. Some pretty nice trout in the upper Delaware, too, and lots of bass everywhere. Stripers in the Delaware, too, but that's a fishery that developed after I left and the water got cleaned up.


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I agree, Stripermoon is a really good website with a lot of information.

For the rod use, if you plan to u,se switch rod and overhead cast, You need to try it first to see if you feel comfortable with it... Personally I like to use fast single handed rod when stripping big flies are needed. The casting distance between two handed and one handed is not that much, because you will lost double haul advantage with the two hands overhead casting. In my opinion it is safer to cast a big weighted flies with single handed rod than overhead casting with two handed rod (personal preference). But sometime the fish here are calling for smaller flies and more dead drift presentation. I will use two handed rod and swing the smaller flies. It is more efficient to cover water this way...
I think the key factor of a successful striper fishing is about finding the fish. If you know where to find them... the pattern is not that important...


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SciGuy, if you're an hour north of Philly and Anglers Pro Shop is your local fly shop, then you're right where I grew up...Check out the Perkiomen Creek and its tribs...Nockamixon and Peace Valley lakes...upper Delaware...Stripers in the Delaware...
Great info! I live between the Nockamixon and Peace Valley Lakes.

Scott, fess up, you only clicked on the link because of the title!
the atlantic saltwater flyrodders-ASWF-are having a conclave the weekend nov.13,14,and 15, at island beach state part-near seaside hgts., web for further will get the infor you need from the likes of bob popovic,steve farrer,and many others,i will be there with switch rods;surf is at the doorstep of motel!!!!