Another fine evening of crappie fishing


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I watched the late football game today and left for the lake right afterwards. I got to little Leo Lake later than usual and took about an hour to finally find the fish. Once I did the fishing was fast and easy. I took a nice mess of fish in just a short time using the very same fly that I have used all summer. It is a gold bead head damsel with a marabou tail with two strands of flashabou in it. By now I have caught almost 200 fish on that fly and although it is getting ragged they still love it.

The fish have definitely grown during the course of the summer and the fillets from this batch will be the best yet. Some people at the take out had a number of crappie in a bucket and asked me if I wanted them. Since I arrived late and had a few less than my usual quota I gladly accepted them. When I asked why they didn't eat the fish themselves they said: "We never eat them thangs!" I guess some folk would pass up a filet mignon to eat a cube steak. But not me.

This is probably my last warmwater trip for the season as the cool nights over here are starting to drop the water temperature. It occurred to me that I haven't caught a single bluegill this year and it would sure be nice to take a few on dry flies. Does anyone know of a lake that holds decent sized 'gills on the far east side? I know some great lakes at the Potholes but that is way too far.



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Man I miss catching crappie on the fly! Your right too they are about as good eating as anything out there! Makes you wonder why those folks put the fish in a bucket if they weren't planning on eating them anyhow?There are quite a few lakes with bluegill near Spokane but I don't know if that's farther than you want to drive. Waitts lake in Stevens co has some nice pumpkinseeds in there that I beat up on last time I was back home. There are some pretty nice browns that come out of there from time to time if you get bored with the panfish as well.


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OB -
Try the following link -

At the end of the report you will fnd a county by county list of warm water lakes with species found in those lakes. It should provide you with a whole summer's worth of lakes to explore. Once the lakes warm fishing that last hour of daylight along the weed'pad lines should provide you with a quick indication of the lake's crappie population. Have fun with the exploration.

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