Tying the Radical Caddis

For a first time using epoxy I am quite happy with the results. I used 30lb mono (burned one end as suggested) and colored 3 clear glass beads with a sharpie as I didn't have colored beads. Thanks to the instructions you gentlemen laid out, the test was a success. Now... to slap this puppy on a hook with some hair...
Here's my latest go at the pattern having not tied one up in 3-4 years. I like using UV knotsense, if you don't touch it too much it'll stay shiny but I put a coat of Sally Hansens on it to be safe.

Man...that's a killer tie! I think using the UV knotsense is a great idea..I'm gonna tie some up tonight and see how it goes ;o) I wanna try and get to the point where they look like the Umpqua Feather Merchant ties. I know that they are such superb tiers in those "fly tying mills" but if I take my time I might get a couple that'll work like the Umpqua ones LOL It's been a crazy hot pattern for me. I've had such violent hits on it....i'm wondering if the fly just pisses fish off LOL
I didn't have any luck with the flies I tied this week on the NF of the CDA, but then again the only fish we found were sitting in deep slow pools and my flies don't quite look like the others posted here... I will post a couple of pics later and would be interested in feedback or lists of what materials you folks used to imitate this pattern.
Hey troutfly,

Just wondering what the commercial ties look like as there are two different pictures I've seen when looking at the umpqua patterns. They looks similar in design but the materials are slightly different.
Ok... so here are the 3 types of radical caddis I tied up.. Each of them have elk or deer hair near the epoxy beads. The orange and green versions both have a poly underwing. The body is just brown dubbing with the guard hairs left in and I remembered to add a bit of krystal flash on the orange and green versions. The green fly is finished off with peacock hearl before the bead. I couldn't find anything in my box to give a nice tight hackle like the commercial and Jgodings have. It looks like Jg added a little cdc in there as well?
Also... correct me if I am just bass ackwards on this... but isn't the rear of the fly supposed to be the head of the caddis? this is why I put on a black bead at the end of the others, but not being up on my entomology classes I dunno. One more question, is this supposed to imitate a peeping caddis or one without its casing?

my apologies for the crappy focus with the camera... gotta go read the manual
They look great whit. Umm, I finish mine with ostrich herl. Need to get some tan though, can't believe I don't have tan. Whit, get some Z-lon, it makes a great wing but the deer hair actually looks really nice. I have some step by step photos ready to go, just gotta download them and crop em to reduce size and all. But it's CDC dub I use after tying in the beads, z-lon wing, and flash. CDC dub it, then split thread technique for some softhackle, throw in some peacock ice dub with the soft hackle, spin it up, wind it on, then finish with ostrich which is what I think the commercial flies have except the green one which is peacock herl.

It's a pupa immitation and the 'butt' is representing the 'butt'. When they emerge to float up the pupa will create an air bubble in the abdomen to float up which is what the beads are immitating, and the pupa kind of are shaped like that too.
It's a pupa immitation and the 'butt' is representing the 'butt'.
... oops... well.. I guess I will finish off the ones I made in a peeping caddis style and go again without that black bead for the next set.