Les Johnson 9/16/09 Update


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No bad news to report which is good news. Les is upbeat and sitting up in a wheelchair in his civvies. He is going through some physical therapy in which "they are hurting me and they're real good at it."

Carol, has been printing the posts from our thread and reading them to him. So I say that we continue to give her things to read to Les.



Tell Les, since he's got so much time off and nothing better to do then sit around...to write another book!!! It's about time I'd think!!! :rofl:

Hang in there Les, if the nurses are cute, drop allot of pencils...
I don't know Les personally, but I purchased and read both Fly-Fishing for Pacific Salmon II and Fly-Fishing for Coastal Cutthroat Trout. They are both excellent reads and helped out my saltwater fly fishing immensely.

I hope you feel better soon Les, which it sounds like is happening. Thanks for your HUGE contribution to fly fishing... I truly appreciate it!

-Jeff Connelly

Bob Triggs

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Hey Les, Hang in there buddy...we are not done hearing from you at the wdfw meetings!!!

We have so much to be grateful to you for here in Washington, not the least of which is the protection from harvest of Sea Run Coastal Cutthroat Trout in Washington's marine waters since 1997. Most of us know you championed that cause for years. I have a whole lot of other nice things to say about you....but you would have to die for me to do that here... and if you die Im gonna kill you! So just get well... We have some fish to catch out here you know. Warmest regards, Bob


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Les, recently ive had several people around me suffer from various medical conditions...must be something about the moon phase or this time of year...not all of them have made it, so its great to hear youre in good spirits and on the road to recovery. swung up a few src's last night after work...thanks for what youve done for that fishery.
Hello Les;

Don't know if you remember but we've talked several times in the Bellevue shop about where to take my young friend from New Mexico in the south sound region. Well, he was up again last July and he did well on Cutties using patterns he tied himself from your Coastal Cutthroat book. He landed an 18 incher an hour after he arrived!!

Glad that you are up and working on your PT. See you back in the shop again soon.

John P.


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Hi, Les.

Focus forward. Glad to hear you're on the mend, and giving the therapists a hard time. They think you don't love 'em if you don't.
Hi Les,

The best for you, recoveries just suck. I started calling my physical therapist "Mistress Carol". I figured that anyone who charged rates like that and caused that much pain deserved a title of respect.

Jerry Metcalf

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I was very sorry to hear you were ill. You've brought so much to fly fishing and your book on SRC's is truly outstanding. I am now a follower and believer. I also found out something when I went online to buy a pin for my vest to commemorate my 18 inch SRC. I'm not surprised to see your name listed with the saltwater form of the cutthroat. I bought the pin and wear it every time I'm chasing my favorite fish.


Get well and would love to meet you soon. I still plan to get your autograph on the book.

Karl Shaffer