Creative Fishing Slogans...

Steve Buckner

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I was thinking that this could be somewhat of a creative exercise, maybe best done with a couple of whiskeys...What slogans/sayings can you come up with?

One that I thought of...

"People are like fish hooks, some are just sharper than others..."
KISS MY BASS (oh, sorry, that's already been used).
KISS MY TROUT (oh, sorry, that's not so funny).
KISS MY WADERS (oh, sorry, that might upset homophobes)
KISS CHRIS'S WADERS (oh, sorry, that's even worse)
KISS SOME WORMS (now there, how about that one?)
Bob, the I've Got 'Em By The Millions:smokin :smokin :smokin


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If it is Old man Jim, it would be "fish on"...creative because hes lying ;-) :p }(

NFR but it caught my attention:

Some minds are like concrete...thoroughly mixed up and set.

~Patrick ><>
The way to a man's heart....

C'mon everyone should know this one.

It's not the length, but how you use your rod.

Flyfishermen go deeper into the bush.

Spawn 'til you die!


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I met a fella in Maui with a Spawn tatoo that covered his entire back....he was so ashamed of that tatoo, it was funny. Spawn...too funny

~Patrick ><>
"Somebody farted in Church" was the exclamation that came from my Canadian Uncle whenever he hooked a fish. He's an old-timer from Alberta & the usual quarry were Northern Pike but used to crack me up whenever I heard that.
Okay, this is only loosely based on fishing but still makes me chuckle.

"I will be the first man to admit I have a 2 inch rod...but hey width isn't everything!"