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Cameron..your posts leave me totally confused. Either they are a simple ".", confusing as above, or deragatory. What the hell are you trying to say and where are you coming from? I know that you have a serious issue with the Methow and Twisp, but these posts are confusing to me.

Rick Todd

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As I fisherman, I say the same thing about hunting season.... It keeps a lot of guys off the river. Problem is, the Methow happens to be in hunting country, so you get all the cast and blasters fishing it....
I've tried the cast and blast on the Methow, and the Grande Ronde at Schumacher but it is hard to do in one day. You get into the bird hunt and next thing you know, the day is gone. If I start the day fishing, my setter is raising holy hell in the truck letting me know it is hunting time! I'm leaving next Friday for my annual cast and blast in Montana, but that is a week long trip and after hunting pheasants and sharpies around Choteau for two days, the dogs need a rest (as do our feet) so a day floating the Missouri around Craig is just the thing. After that, alternate hunting and fishing! (I love this trip!) Rick


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What a zoo, opening day saw over 120 anglers line wet up to mile marker 16, this does not include the guys driving around or standing around. Weekend will only be worse. Wont see me wetting line for awhile.

Rick Todd

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I've really not fished the Methow for steelhead very much, but I can imagine it is kind of like bird hunting. Opening weekend on Bridgeport Bar is crazy. If you are there on some weekend in November, it is deserted. I may try the Methow in November or I also hear March can be good. Rick
I suspect the increasing pressure on the east side rivers has a lot to do with the decline in steelhead in the Puget Sound rivers. The big S-rivers could absorb a lot more pressure than little rivers like the Methow and Klickitat. If only a fraction of the Puget Sound fly fishing population decides to go over the mountains to fish, those rivers become crowded pretty quickly. No need to blame the internet or the guides who are trying to make a living off increasingly limited resources.
They've played that same show for the last couple years. Coincidence that they play it again right as the season opens?

The classic line is Jack Mitchell saying how it's uncrowded fishing, but that the last year they've seen a few more people than usual. Ya think????

Internet, population explosion, Californians? Whoever you blame, it's not much fun trying to chase steelhead on a watery version of I-5.

My .02,

You're right, the steelhead season has been pushed hard by Pateros for economic reasons. Fishermen just happen to benefit also from having steelhead in the river as bait to bring them in.