Scott/Sage/Orvis/Patagonia gear sale

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Bump. Uploaded pics.

I recall someone wet wading up to their chest. Whoever you were, buy my waders.
Hi Sam, that was me but I probably have 8-9 pairs of waders at home in various states of usefulness (including 3 prs of Patagonias). I just didn't have any with me that day as I was on the way home from a business trip and didn't want to take the time to go home and get a pair. Most if the year I keep a extra pair of waders and boots in my car for such eventualities, but it was still wet wading weather when I left for this trip.

Your Patagonia waders are a great price so somebody should jump on them - they are awesome waders. They would make a great primary or back-up pair.
That's right Freestone. I remember now.

Richard - you have a PM from me. I know that I missed your 24 hour response window since I was out fishing, but if your still interested in the 6 wt let me know.

Updated status.
Not open for further replies.