Anyone looking foward to chum?

Ed Call

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Your TiCrX 8wt is really a 9wt with an 8wt label. My new to me chum rod is the same as yours and I'm not worried about it breaking at all. If it does, a cool check for $25 and a week of transit time and TFO will have it back in your hands. Stimulate the economy and buy another rod if you need to...I've got a 10wt that I won't be using...or use the tools in your happy hands!

Tom Johnston

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I was just worried about the TFO because I got a deal of a life time and never could afford it brand new. I have been using it for pinks in the salt and its a pretty stout rod. I like the fast action of the rod. Really smooth and easy to cast. I really like it over my Reddington CPS fast action. There is a difference between between the two fast action. Now back to the topic of this thread, when do the chum start roaming the south sound? Are they like pinks where they will come in schools along the shore really close in???
Oh time to start tying up some chum dog flies. This will be my first year fishing for dawgs! Time to look into possibly a cheapER 9 or 10wt rod/line. Dont want something to happen to my TiRcX 8wt while fighting chum.
After breaking my TFO Teeny 8wt on Chums 2yrs ago, I used what I thought was a weak backup, my 6wt TFO Ticrx. I honestly could not break it on those dogs, I seriously put the bend on them and that 6wt was a serious work horse! Ticrx rods are Strong rods, there would be no way you can break your 8wt ticrx on those puppies.

There are literally only 2 ways in breaking a rod while fishin: High stick landing or chinking the graphite while casting, which makes the blank weak then eventually breaks...

Tom Johnston

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I was thinking last night that the new TFO clouser rod would be one hell of a work horse too.. Being a little shorter and stouter to chuck those clousers and other big weighted flies.


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Tom, your 8wt would do just fine, that is what I use for all my salmon fishing. Though if you are in the market for a new rod and that itch is a itchin, well I've been there too and a new rod scratches that itch pretty well.

Even, I'm usually fishing during the week, with the exeption of last week where I sorta just veggied out at home. I'll probably be on the Sky all week, with a possible trip to the Stilly. I work in the evenings, so I get to do some fishing in the day.

I too am waiting for the Chum to start running, but at the same time hoping I'm not as dissapointed as last year (which was supposed to be a good run).


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Kool, you seem cool and all, but if you are not catching enough fish you need to examine your fishing philosophy of that 30 minute drive limit. There is ample opportunity within your reach.

Yellowlab, I read you broke two on a pink trip and was floored. I know you had more tools in your toolbox, but reading that report of yours convinced me to find a dedicated Chum rod so as not to use a Native Run GLX, you know what I'm talking about!
Ed, I think you'd be fine with the NR because the extra length will help as more of a shock absorber. I'd consider that rod to be more like a 9 wt. You'll be fine, that rod was made to be strong in the butt section.

I probably landed over 300 Pinks during my month and half ravage, so I am a bit outside the norm, so the 6 wts. got worked over pretty well. My 8 wt. Classic GLX is not replaceable, BUMMER, so I have requested at 10' 5 wt. Streamdance GLX to add to the Chironomid arsenal since I missed out on your Scott that you recently sold.

If anyone is interested in a 9'6" 8wt. Loomis Adventure series rod, I'll be putting it up for sale, just for the Chums! Post to follow...

Looking forward to it, but still not over the Coho just yet.


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I'm ready to tangle with some chumlies, but I'm not quite done yet with the Ho's. Ended up hooking two silvers yesterday but both escaped their appointment with the bbq.
Nothing I like better then fishing into a stiff north wind....;)
I did see another fly angler land a very nice silver. Congrats Dave if you read this forum.

I'm just the opposite of you. I like my CPS way better then my TiCR-X. In fact, I ended up selling the TiCR-X. I found it way to stiff for my casting stroke. That is one thing we all have going for us, the different choices in rods that are available today. We've never had it better.
I won't be concerned with using you TFO on chums. As noted, TFO has great customer service should anything happen to it.

Think purple or cerise for chums instead of chartreuse.

On a side note, if anyone has a CPS 8 wt for sale, please shot me a PM.
Stonefish has the right idea, "Think purple or cerise for chums instead of chartreuse."

purple works well i caught a few chummys on purple yarn last year.


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ahh chums... Every time I went out for chums this year I ended up catching this:

then this

then this

finally got the yummy chummy

yea those suckers are pretty big and tough when they are fresh...