Anyone looking foward to chum?

Tom Johnston

Been around a while
Hey Stonefish I dont know what it is about the TiCrX but wow the first time I picked it up I really like how stiff it is. I work my arm/shoulder less with the stiffer rod. I like that, Ive dislocated my casting shoulder too many times in my younger age and it can really start aching after a few hours of casting into a killer head wind. I cant imagine what an Airflo 40+ extreme distance line would do on it. I can cast a crappy Cabelas wt line a good ways.


Proud to Be Alaskan
AKPM, just rub it in buddy. Four species all in the same watershed???? Lucky duck.
Lets see I caught Chinook, Chum, Sockeye, Rainbow, Lake Trout, Arctic Grayling on rod and reel and had shots at northern pike and huge humpbacked whitefish

I caught a cisco and a lamprey in a net too... Suprisingly no dollies yet... Or humpies...
im ready for some chum! i havnt been out once for coho yet but have accidentally hooked one fish for pinks on the stilly! started peelin line ON THE FLY ROD and jumped like 3ft out and came unbuckled. stupid barbless hooks! and since i have yet to catch a fish on my 4wt glass rod, i think my goal is to get a chum on that! ;)


Jake Bannon

nymphs for steelhead....
My first one of the season last year came on my 5wt fishing for cuttys in the South Sound with a tiny shrimp pattern, I saw backing within a very short time. Took me probley 10min to land it on 10lb seagar, very fun but I brought my 8wt the next time.
Jake call me sometime you get off school, my 10wt should be here tomorrow lets take my boat out to colvos and catch those resi's there like nine pounds now!
anything chartruse in a #4-6, light weighted or none, depending on the depth. I'm gonna try different colors this year in cherise,purple,etc. XL Bead chain heads are the ticket for me.