More ribs!

Mark Walker

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I don't mean to monopolize the cooking thread, but the "mob" was clammoring for more ribs with sauce. I marinated these for 24 and cooked them with "indirect heat" as opposed to the rotissiere this time. Made up a big batch of my "butt rockets" too. They worked.
I'd like to see more contributions from others here. I know there's some other stellar Q'er/smokers out there! Lonnie?:D


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BUTT ROCKETS!!! BUTT ROCKETS!!! You're killin' me Mark!!:D It all looks yummy, that is, if you don't mind wiping your chin alot! I haven't done any "Q'ing" in a while, other than smoking up some pinks I caught on the Snohomish river. Turned out great! Lately, for some really strange reason, I've had this fascination with sardines and herring. Maybe I'm pregnant!:D
If you want some more BBQ porn then here is some smoked tri-tip and a key lime pie. Both were taken to work and gone in seconds.


Love vintage graphite!

Good looking tri tip! I've had success grilling tri tip but not so much slow cooking it. Care to reveal your method?:D

Mark Walker

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Looking good there Doug. Love the Tri! Leftovers (if any) make killer BBQ beef sandwiches.
Bitterroot...indirect heat then crank it up close to your desired temp., or direct heat ("HOT" but quick)to crisp it up.


Love vintage graphite!
OK Mark, I'll give that a try. I think tri tip takes the place of brisket and you don't have to keep it in the smoker for 10 hrs.! I'm still laughing about BUTT ROCKETS! :rofl:
Here is the recipe for my tri-tip. I found it online for a different cut of meat, but it works well for tri-tip also.

Chuck Roast

I started with one good hand selected 3lb Chuck roast from the butcher.
Thrown on some rub, Inject it with Italian dressing, wrap it with Saran wrap and let it sit in the fridge for about 12+ hours.

Throw it on the grill to get a good sear.
Then Move it to smoker and smoke @ 250º for about 4hrs.

Place it in aluminum pan and add 3 cups of Au Jus (1pk McCormick's)
This really makes a good flavor and makes the meat real tender!
Let it cook till it reaches 200º

Pull it out and slice it. The knife will fall into it more than cut it!
Put the slices back in the pan until ready to serve!

French rolls work best for this application. Butter and toast them.
The buttery toasted rolls really set off the flavor of the meat.

I use a turkey baster to pull the juices out of the pan for dipping. Since the oil sits on tops you can suck up the juices from the bottom.