Swap Trick or Treat for Chum Dog Swap

I'd like to propose a trick or treat swap for Chum flies. Tie whatever fly, hopefully tried and true, you think would entice a Chum Dog to bite. I'm thinking 10 people tying, 2 flies for each tier for a total of 20. Rules are simple: All flies are due October 31st. Any flies that are late will be "returned to sender" and their share of flies will be returned to the tiers. All flies need to be accompanied with a SASE. Other details will be covered after we fill up. I'll post photos of the flies when we're done. If there's anything I missed, let me know.

1. Kerfwappie -Chartreuse Gotcha -Finished
2. Zack Dudley -Chum Candy -Received
3. Mumbles -"The Precious" -Received
5. Chris Johnson -Received
6. Daconil -Received
7. David Schepers -Received
8. Kelvin -Received
9. Constructeur -Received
10. Eric Tarcha

Ed Call

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Kerf, I'll jump in if permitted. I will not mail them, but will track you down and hand them over and then after all are in will do the same to collect my share. You know I'm not down with the post man! I have a couple flies that I've tied that catch chum. One is a bit unorthodox, but catches them none the less.

Ed Call

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Cool swapmeister, gracias! Want two of a single pattern per or two different patterns? I'm up for either way and now I'm even more stoked for some chum. Still hoping to dance with more coho, but when the time is right I'm up for some chum for sure.
It's all up to you. I'm easy. You can mix them up or tie two of the same. It's all good. I'm thinking I might tie two different patterns.

Ed Call

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Eric, one of my patterns that I learned last year and had ridiculous success on the chums was a fly called "The Precious". Cougar97 posted the fly photos, sent me the pattern and posted several of his success stories using it. That got me intrigued. For chum it is a bit unorthodox, but it will end up putting your knots, leader, line and rod to the stress test. My other pattern may be a variation of the same or something less unexpected.

Anyone who ties should be getting into this swap. You've got to have a bunch of flies to play with chum, they like to destroy what they hit.
I used an old VCR case for sending my flies, and if I remember right I used 6 "Forever" stamps on it...or was it 8?

"The Precious", that's just what I'm hoping for...flies that produce.