Eagle Cap Hike

Hit the Wallowas last weekend for a nice 5 day/4 night hike. Just built a new 4 pc, 3 weight and was dying to try it out. Hiked up the WF Lostine to Mirror Lk. Mirror to Moccasin Lk and from there over Glacier Pass to Glacier Lk. From Glacier we hit Frazier lake and on down to the WF Wallowa River and back up to the lake basin by way of Horseshoe Lk and back out the way we came in. Weather was awesome during the day with freezing temps at night. Hiked about 35 miles total with some good elevation to gain going over Glacier Pass at about 8800 feet. Oh, caught lots of Brookies.............

More pics

Mike Ediger

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This is quickly becoming my favorite forum! Although now I am becoming acutely aware of how many great places are in my backyard that I have not visited and it is driving me crazy.
Thanks for sharing.
You sure timed that right. Snow in them thar hills now. Great pics.
Yeah, the weather was turning as we hiked out. There was a fire in the next valley over (Minam) that had brought in a bunch of smoke as well. Had me a little concerned the night before as you could see it unfolding.