Guide School


Eyes to the sky...
Again Guide School has payed off! As of Yesterday I am a new hire for a Resort called "Paws Up" in the Bob Marshall wilderness of Montana. This Resort is an elite destination for people on the hunt for trout by way of Fly. The resort was featured on the "Today Show". I am very lucky to have gotten the Job. My boss Jeremy say that this year he has had the most ever applicants. The interview process was gruling. But, I made it so I'm happy. Again, I have to thank SweetWater guide school. I know Ron Meek one of the instructor put in a good word for me, which lead to me getting the Job. Any one looking into this line of work I would highly recomend SweetWater as a good start.
I was glad to be with you when you found out the good news. You need to come up and fish this way. You're always dragging me around. It's my turn. Congrats again, brother.