Steelhead Swap pictures


East Fork

I must have missed some posts. :)

Under which names did the streamer and steelhead exchange pictures get posted?


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Those ties look really nice you guys. Thanks for posting the pics Mike. The attratactor flys were excellent too. I really dig looking at them and getting ideas.


once you are logged in all you have to do is click on a picture and at the bottom of that screen you will have an option to post your comments. just add your ingrediants in there.
Hey Guys,

The double egg pattern and my Silver Hilton will be in tomorrow, my buddy took his camera to the Grande Rhone and just got back tonight. I will take the pic's tomorrow and they will be up and running.

Thanks again to everone for the awesome flies I have a long way to go!!!



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I was starting to think it was cause you thought my double egg pattern sucked?? ;) (not that it doesnt LOL)

Thanks Mike!!

~Patrick ><>
Ok Patrick,

Our photos are up there!! Chris if you make a folder for the Steelhead Swap 2003 I will move them all there. Now lets go to the Methow and bang some steeeeeelliiieesss....

It's on like Donkey Kong...


Chris Scoones

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I already did and have already moved your pics there. I'm also updating the photo's names with the recipe names. Thanks Mike. ~Chris