Legal Gear illegal acts, stupid people!

Fishing gear allowances make some feel it's OK to snag a damn salmon!

Check out this 12.5 Mega Billion megapixel photograph I took of a fishing setup an angler held in front of a F&G warden and got the Go Ahead it's OK to fish with it flag, then commenced to snagging some damn fish! Happily for me the guy went home empty handed...

I was blown away! I told the perp that in the sport and the recreation of fishing, in order to be legal the fish must be caught in or on the mouth or jaw, but morally it's gotta BITE what you are tossing at it, or it's poaching and the fish must be released.

He laughed....

So I'm pissed. The guy basically thinks that since the F&G guy said his setup was OK to fish with that it is OK to snag these damn fish!

Kool, Were you there to hear the ok? if so why not ask the GW what part of it was ok.

"The non-buoyant lure restriction has been replaced by a new Anti-
Snagging rule. This rule requires anglers to use one single-point
hook unless fishing from a floating device (boat, float tube, etc.),
where 2 single-point hooks are allowed.

You don't mention if the individual was fishing from a floating device?

Hooks must measure
¾” or less (point to shank) and must be attached to or below the
lure or bait. Weights may not be attached below or less than 12”
above the lure or bait. This new rule applies to all gear, whether
it floats or sinks, whether or not bait is used.

By your drawing, it also appears there is a hook above the "pipe"? which would have the weight attached below the hook which again looks like a violation.
actually all the buzz bomb chuckers fish with that rig but a buzz bomb in the middle, and the gamewarden ok'd every double hook rig that was out there.
Yep, it's exactly like a buzz bomb but the middle is simply a thin slice of hollow lead!!!

No from the looks of the guy he was not floating or in a flotation device...

Where can I get a copy of this new reg you pointed out Floatinghat? I want to print it up and carry it with me...

Sorry about the photo, I know it looks a bit grainy but the guy wouldn't hold still and it pixelated... :D


AKA Beadhead
You quote the anti snagging rule but are you aware that this applies only at certain times in certain places? (read the regs)

Confused? Yes? I think you should be. By making an anti-snagging rule apply at only certain times and certain places, WDFW is implying that snagging is legal at other times, even though it says elsewhere in the regs that intentionally snagging fish is always illegal.

So basically its a gear restriction to be put in place when snaggers are most likely to be out.