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  1. Great Job Salmo, Great Job.:thumb:
  2. But have you sent your emails as well? Until the committee votes, it can't hurt to drown 'em with the emails of more voices. Some of these politicians can be very arrogant. They need to hear that the voters who send them to the Legislature are pissed!


  3. I have , and I am working my local Senator hard to see if this is a cause he will pick up and carry.

    I wouldn't be surprised if this was a canned deal before SSB-5127 ever went down to defeat. A lot of these divisive bills will get voted against on the main bill all the while with the understanding that they will get amended into a larger , usually budget, bill and slide on through.

    At the very least the Legislators involved here need to be put on notice that their seats will be in play next cycle because of this issue.

    There needs to be a major S**T Storm over Jacobsen next cycle. The guy is All Pro.

    I sure hope CCA or someone puts together a well funded public information campaign in his district over this whole fiasco.
  4. I hope so too, but Jacobsen is a Democrat in a heavily Democrat district, and most people in his district couldn't care less about fish and wildlife. That let's all his F&W mischief fly under the radar screen of his voters. A very clever dirtbag deal if ever there was one.

  5. Here's the list of Senate Ways and Means Committee members: http://www1.leg.wa.gov/Senate/Committees/WM/membersstaff.htm

    And their email addresses, ready to copy and paste into your "to" spot..

    prentice.margarita@leg.wa.gov; fraser.karen@leg.wa.gov; tom.rodney@leg.wa.gov; zarelli.joseph@leg.wa.gov; brandland.dale@leg.wa.gov; carrell.michael@leg.wa.gov; fairley.darlene@leg.wa.gov; hewitt.mike@leg.wa.gov; hobbs.steve@leg.wa.gov; honeyford.jim@leg.wa.gov; keiser.karen@leg.wa.gov; kline.adam@leg.wa.gov; kohl-welles.jeanne@leg.wa.gov; mcdermott.joe@leg.wa.gov; murray.edward@leg.wa.gov; oemig.eric@leg.wa.gov; parlette.linda@leg.wa.gov; pflug.cheryl@leg.wa.gov; pridemore.craig@leg.wa.gov; regala.debbie@leg.wa.gov; rockefeller.phil@leg.wa.gov; schoesler.mark@leg.wa.gov

    If any of these are actually the senator from your district, a seperate email 'as their constituent' would probably carry more weight.

    Let them know that the Commission speaks for the general public and the public will support those who support the Commission.

  6. What is the prevailing demographic in his district?

    His constituents may not care about fish and wildlife but they care about something and that something is what needs to be spoken to. They may be uncomfortable with his disingenuous nature regarding the environment. They may be disappointed to learn of his deceitful disregard for the will of the people irrespective of the issue. They may come to realize that he is spending an awful lot of their/his time on issues they don't care about or that their interests may be the next ones he sells out.

    There is a way to beat the guy, I am sure there is good honest democrat who could give a good fight in the primary season.

    The important thing is that we don't allow the vigor that risen from this debate to subside and instead store it for the fight to come.

    What I find incomprehensible is that true conservationist Democrats in the legislature don't call this guy on the carpet. Where is their intellectual honesty?
  7. I sent an email to Senator Ranker Thursday because he is the Senator from the district I live in, and he never even had the courtesy to acknowledge that he received my email, let alone tell me what his position was. I expected better of him. As much as I hate to say this, it looks like the fix is in on this.
  8. Fyrwood,

    The legislature is among the last places I would look for intellectual honesty, or much that is intellectual for that matter. I'm impressed that politicians can be so politically savy yet be so lacking in critical thinking skills, logic, and overall intelligence. It will be interesting indeed to see if this legislative session is the catalyst for greater political activism among anglers and conservationists.


    I've been wondering if the fix wasn't in before the session even began.

  9. as i have said, over and over again, until legal action is undertaken to get the nets out and institute true selective harvest, nothing is going to change. the fishery will continue to flush down the toilet while everyone is standing around wringing their hands. saving the fish is not based on 'good intentions' it will take legal action to turn the various entrenched commercial lobbies out onto the street.

    oh, and for those of you who are going to immediately point to a legal action won by the indians when they were the target of getting the nets out, i suggest you stop and read a couple of the books which were pointed out to me. that legal action was undertaken on the part of the non-indian commercial fishery and was nothing more than a ploy to save more fish for their harvest. we are in a totally different ballgame in this century.
  10. I sent an email to my Senator, Senator Craig Pridemore, asking that the 5127 language sections be removed or the bill voted against. This is the response I recieved this morning.

    "When you've got Joe Zarelli and I both working together on something, Bruce, you can take it to the bank. :)


    Hopefully, this means there is still the possibility of the language of 5127 being removed from S1778.
  11. I talked with his office last week and I had a sense he might take this as a cause.

    I think this is exactly what we need, a Senator or 2 who is willing to take the fight to Jacobsen.

    I would encourage ALL WFF members to call Sen. Pridemores office and voice their support for he and Zarrelli working this out.

    You guys in the Puget Sound area please feel free to support a couple of SW WA senators.:)
  12. I just spoke to Sen Mike Carrell, (R) 28th Dist, regarding HB1778. He said that due to the large response he has had from people from his district that he would support our position of, strip the bill of the 5127 language that was appended, or vote to fail the bill. I think that is good news.

    But, he does carry an "R" after his name and the "other folks" are in the majority. Again, I would encourage everyone to write your senators, and especially those on the Ways & Means, committee. I think that we also need to make sure that the democratic senators get this message loud and clear.

    As has been said earlier, be respectful, but be firm. Lets flood the Oly email system with concerned citizen emails!
  13. The bill made it out of committee yesterday. They tried to remove the 5127 language but it failed at 8-10 vote. Now it is time to really turn up the heat.
  14. Well the distinguished a-hole from Washington's 23rd District, Senator Rockefeller, has refused to answer my e-mails on the subject. I can only assume he's an enemy in this battle. Especially since he voted for 5127. I asked him to respect the wishes of the people (SSB 5127 failing) and vote this rider out of the bill, but apparently he doesn't think the will of the people is important.
  15. Same lack of response from my perspective. Who voted for this guy anyway? Who will continue to vote for him?
  16. FYI, Sen's Rockefeller and Zarelli introduced an amendment to HB 1778 yesterday that would have stripped out the SB 5127 language. The amendment was defeated 9-12 in committee.
  17. So Sen Rockefeller was listening to the public opinion on 5127 and that still got squashed? Thanks for the update Citori. My apologies to the distinguished Senator from the 23rd District.
  18. Yup, same here, my apologies, Mr. Rockefeller. So they were the ones that voted for the amendment? Well, that's good to know that at least they are standing up for the will of the people.
  19. Here are the results of the voting yesterday:

    SENATE COMMITTEE ON WAYS & MEANS (result of vote on HB 1778 on 4/6/09)

    Majority Report: Do pass as amended.
    Signed by Senators Prentice, Chair; Fraser, Vice Chair, Capital Budget Chair; Tom, Vice
    Chair, Operating Budget; Fairley, Kline, Kohl-Welles, McDermott, Murray, Oemig,
    Pridemore, Regala and Rockefeller.

    Minority Report: Do not pass.
    Signed by Senators Zarelli, Ranking Minority Member; Brandland, Honeyford and

  20. I just got off the phone with Sen. Pridemores office, I had understood previously that he was working against the sections regarding SSB-5127 and was disappointed with his committee vote.

    He in FACT worked to weaken the language pertaining to SSB-5127 however upon losing that battle he voted the measure out of committee to the floor where his office has stated firmly that he intends to vote AGAINST the bill as currently configured. He oppoed SSB-5127 and will vote against 1778 on the floor unless amended.

    His office clearly understands the pressure upon Jacobsen and others from the commercial fishing lobby and seems displeased with the hijynx on HB-1778.

    We can win here guys but we MUST keep the pressure on. This thing could get voted on with 30 minutes notice.

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