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  1. Dan Page

    Dan Page Active Member

    Much thanks to you guys for keeping us updated. It really helps to know what's going on and where to apply pressure.
    I'm guessing now we have to hammer our Senators before this comes up for a full Senate vote.
  2. Mark Moore

    Mark Moore Just a Member

    YES, YES, YES!!!

    Our SW WA senators are on board, save one. With all respect I implore you folks in the Puget Sound region to please call and write vigorously as that is where this battle will be won or lost.
  3. Dan Page

    Dan Page Active Member

    My Senator, Randi Becker was opposed to dismantling the Commission when the original attempt was made. She has not responded yet regarding my last email about the add-ons to the new bill. I'll give a call just to check.